Steam Cats was created and published via “Pixel Federation” company and it is available at android and IOS stores.

Create your own team of cats and prepare them with the right gears to fight through several interesting stages full of challenges and fun.

The idea itself of fighting with cats through a battle is interesting. So remember that you are about to get addicted to the game, so getting the Steam Cats cheats at the start to save you from wasting your money on the game is considered to be a smart idea.

Quick intro

The game begins very quickly as you are supposed to protect the rat in his lab to fix the machine, so do not stand there watching him!

Before we dive through the missions scenarios, we have to remind you that the game is having several types of missions. And of course, there is a training camp for you to test out the new stuff and maybe even learn new techniques and improve your skills.

Using the Steam Cats cheats will cover your upgrading expenses, and it will totally put you away from being dragged into the in-game app center.


Every time you enter the main mission center, you can see your cats are attacking and fighting and the stage will be shown on the top of the screen.

Completing stages will unlock new features and help you acquire new agents to fight by your side. You can check on their stats from the lobby.

The hunter Ashburn is one of our favorites. These hunters are evaluated with the stars system, the more stars it has the stronger it will be.

Reading the stats such as

  • DPS: the damage per second that this hunter is capable of dealing to the enemies.
  • Health: it will indicate its surviving chances against the high damaging enemies.
  • Armor: some heroes are tank, others are weak, and can deal higher damage thank than the tanks, try to have the right mix and improve them with the Steam Cats hack.



Learn Your Skills

Each agent in this game is coming with certain special skills. That is when the training camp will come into use.

Get Steam Cats cheats, purchase new items for your agents, and make them strong enough for the boss battles. We do not have to remind you that is an idle game, so you will not be interacting with the actions happening on the battlefield.

The bosses will regular drop some cool weapons, claim the loot and equip the strong items to your agents and make them always up to date.

Main Key Points

As you advance in the level, your team of agents will improve and increase. So as soon as you are able to unlock new agents, enter the new recruits menu. They are expensive and will require certain type of keys from you. And it is totally based on your luck still.

The Steam Cats hack will cut the road and save you the money by providing you with any number of keys you select instantly.

One of the key features:

  • Do not forget to equip weapons while you are here. In time, they will even have their own skills.

Final Verdict

Connect the game to your social media accounts to ensure the cloud saving feature enabled and easily to track down your progression among your friends.

Upgrading and improving your agents frequently is the secret to advance in the stages of the game. The elemental advantage is a feature you must be aware of before you step into the battle.

Choose the members of your squad carefully and according to the enemies you are fighting. Each element has 25% damage advantage towards one element and 25% disadvantage against another.

Those are the main parts you must focus on and the Steam Cats hack will help you in this regard.

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