Transmutation is something we have never seen in the reality, but we have always seen in the movies in the recent years. This game is bringing to you some new challenge and some sort of abilities to destroy and take the control over the entire city. The Stone Giant cheats will allow you to experience new things and remove the ads without paying a single penny.

Stone Giant was created and published by “Naxeex Publishing” company and it is available to be downloaded and played through the Android and IOS platforms.

Very low on graphics quality, but it is not that low that could allow you to see through the details of the characters and similar stuff. This game was designed to kill your spare time and was not meant to be played for a very long period. Increase the fun levels by using the Stone Giant hack services, but keep in mind that if you have misused it, you will kill the fun factor of the game.

Quick Info.

In the Stone Giantguide, we will be covering the major features and points of the gameplay. We will also ignore the graphics part and jump directly to the gameplay and the depth of field.

You can always leave your feedback on the game and your suggestions for any upcoming game to be reviewed at our website. Clicking on the link shown down at the bottom will take you directly to the support center. In addition, let us stop wasting time and head to the UI!

Flexible User interface!

Speaking about the UI and its main components, we have to mention that the game is very decent on this part. The controlling buttons are located on the bottom left corner alongside the toggle between running and walking.

If you are planning to attack or destroy objects, then your right finger should be ready at the bottom right corner to press on the attack button.

We have the most important feature now located on the left side “Mutation”. Activate it and watch your character changing entirely when it comes to powers and look, even your speed will change and skills. On the next part, we will teach you how to handle the mutation phase and there will be some exciting Stone Giant tips.



Let The Monster out!

Once you become the monster that you have been hiding for way too long, the fun part will begin and you are now on a prolong mission to destroy the entire city and remain alive as the government will try to take you down with every possible way.

Surviving as a mutant is not going be a hard thing, but the hard part is to remain invisible or hide away from the incoming attacks.

Beat The Police…

The game is following the same path that rock star games have been following. You are on a wanted list but depending on your crimes, the level and quality of police members will increase.

Improving your character with the Stone Giant cheats to remain alive no matter what is being thrown at you is such a very smart idea. In addition, we are totally supporting it. You can learn more about it on the next segment, also understanding the main capabilities will make everything look smoother.

Unique Combat System.

Yes, the game is very poor on every part, but we cannot ignore that the combat system is very smart and unique. Get closer to the cars and the ability to kick or hold to crack will appear right on the bottom.

Once you find out a decent car that could manage to take you away from the police, then change back to the human form and hop into the car quickly before they take you down.

Your health bar and armor are located on the top right side, but with the Stone Giant hack, you will get more enhanced armors free.

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