Pick up a hero that will be fighting for your name and honor with tons of other players from all over the world in once arena. The real time battle system is making the game pace much faster and you should be aiming on equipping yourself with the strongest weapons and armors available.

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Storm The Gates was created and published by “Hobo Labs, Inc.” and it is available to be downloaded and played on the Android and IOS platforms.

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We have decided to be with the storyline details and go through all of its parts in the beginning of Storm the Gates guide.

Storm garden was once a beautiful land under the rule of king MOOF. He was a wise and just king beloved by all. Then one day he was suddenly snatched from his throne…and Carrie doff by the dark dragon villa. The dragon cast a dark shadow over the land.

The once thriving kingdom of storm garden was plunged into an era of chaos and destruction. Fire and rage gripped the people of storm garden, turning them against each other. The land was torn to pieces. However, there is still hope.

Will you Rise to the Challenge?

I guess, now you have realized that your main goal is to save the kingdom once more and return the peace into the corners and stop the war that is going in between the people of the kingdom.

Therefore, you should prepare yourself to rise as a hero and take back Storm garden. That is when the first process of the character creation will begin.

Choose a gender and skin tone, and pick up a name that suits your playing style then you will be ready to go on.



General Instructions.

After creating your character successfully, you are leaving yourself for the first challenge, as it will be a great chance to learn the basics of the combat and increase your fighting capabilities.

Tap on the screen once your character gets close to the enemy unit, and this is how you will be applying attacks. There are several dimension to the battlefield so far, and the Storm the Gates cheats is taking a huge in determining the winner of the battle. You will get to know more about this fact later here.

How to Win Battles?

The battle is determined by several factors, and we have managed to gather them all in one place. The special skills that your character has. Using them correctly and knowing exactly when to apply them to the enemy and when to reserve them for later point on the battle is such an art not many manage to flourish in it.

That is why the Storm the Gates tips was created. It will help you to surpass the battles and especially the boss battles at the end of each combat.

Final Verdict.

The giant mushroom lumbers off as you fade into the void. That is what has happened to you after you have lost the first boss battle in the tutorial phase. This is something you cannot avoid; it is more like a script to take you through the storyline sequence.

The game is cool and it is perfect when it comes to the time killing. The events and storyline of the game are not boring at all and will keep you attached for hours.

You may enhance the experience by activating the Storm the Gates hack services.

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