Create your fantasy character and prepare yourself to dive deeper into the virtual life that is more like a simulation to the real life. That is the main idea behind the creation of this game, as it will offer you the chances you do not manage to get in the real life.

You will not be able to access all of them features without the My Story Choose Your Own Path cheats, so consider using it from the start.

My Story Choose Your Own Path was created and released by “Nanobit Games”, and you may start downloading it on your Android or IOS platform freely.

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Very low in the term of the graphics quality, but it is rich when it comes to the main content of the gameplay. We are recommending you to play the game and enjoy all of its features with the help of My Story Choose Your Own Path hack.

You can now be granted an instant access to any story you want to play, and there will be no need to use your visa…

Time Has Come To Choose A New Path!

Starting the game will simply get you to remember all the previous stories and events you have gone through your entire life that is when you will wish for another chance to take the advantage of the problems you have caused.

Reading our My Story Choose Your Own Path guide is supposedly will help with understanding the gameplay and give you a quick glimpse over the actions about to happen, without spoiling anything important.

Knowing what is going to happen next is such a huge advantage, as it will be leaving you in a complete control over the various parts of the gameplay without a doubt.

Choose one skin color for your character, as there will be three options available, the light tones, multi colored, and the black colored. Remember that your outfit at the starting scene will not affect the sequence of the events at all.

Next part is to pick the hairstyle that fits you the most. There will be also only three options available…you might feel with more freedom when it comes to the later parts of the game, as you will be controlling the customization section in much more depth.

After you are done with customizing your character, there will be a confirmation message to save this look or discard. If you are satisfied, then press on the yes button to advance into the next stage, otherwise, No will simply take you back to the start.

By reaching this point, we are sure that you are looking for My Story Choose Your Own Path tips that will enlighten up your path to the glory and success; you might find what you are looking for in the next segments.



Mark & me.

You have met mark since you were 2 years old, and you have always hated him as he was always chasing you down with frogs or pushing you in the mud, pulling your braids and calling you mean names.

It was not as you could get away from him either. Your mom was best friends with his dad that is why the relation was too strong. In addition, as you were getting older things started to change, and as the months turned into years.

You became friends with mark, and that was the last thing you could have ever imagined in your darkest dreams. We will be leaving this story behind and reminded the readers about the importance of using My Story Choose Your Own Path cheats, but before we jump into this conclusion.

Always Check for New updates.

Do not leave the game opened for excessively long because it will reload automatically and this might cause you to lose some of your important information. There will be a quick notification to remind you to use the game and not to leave it wide open for too long.

They have added the notification and warning signals to save your device battery. It has been working perfectly for us and we have no doubt that you will be enjoying it as well.

Now, we have to figure out a smart way to convince you to start using the My Story Choose Your Own Path cheats. First, you must be aware of the game needs and how it will be hard to have new stories to play through.

There is nothing free in the game unless the beginnings and some small and bad stories, and to have the full experience, you will have to start using your credit card to get them unlocked.

Activating the My Story Choose Your Own Path hack will simply put all of these stories right in front of you and give you a much bigger pool to choose from.



Not Much to Customize In the Settings Menu…

We did not find several features to play around in the settings menu, only the ability to decrease or increase the music, sound. In addition, the notification feature is necessary turn off if you are not a hardcore gamer.

You do not want see your mobile buzzing up every minute giving you a feedback about a game you are no longer interested in playing it. That is how things are working in this game.

If you have ever faced any problem, you will have three options to choose from and each one will be more than enough to solve it out and put you back on the success track.

  • Using the My Story Choose Your Own Path hack and overcome this trouble by spending the gems.
  • Connecting with the support team and informing them if the problem was mainly a technical problem.
  • Reading our review and try to find a solution in between the lines, we have.

Now, we are approaching the end of this article, and we are hoping that we have covered the main parts so far.

Final Verdict.

There will be new stories being released so frequently to the game, so make sure you are checking on them at the main development Facebook page. And also be prepared to unlock them out via My Story Choose Your Own Path hack powers.

At the top of the main menu, you will notice three main stories being highlighted. They are the most played and most selling stories so far. we would recommend you to start playing them game with them as it will get you hooked up into the game much faster.

Choose from tons of different genres to play through, any type of stories you want will be simply waiting for you to get it unlocked, that is how the game is working and that is simply what we are planning to do from now on.

By reaching this point, we are pretty sure that you are completely fed with the game and not willing to seek any sort of a new advice as you have read more than enough when it comes to the gameplay.

In addition, the fastest way to get the ticket packs or the Diamonds is to use the My Story Choose Your Own Path cheats and simply watch the magic happening behind the scenes.

Imagine having the complete freedom of going through the story of any game that you choose without having to pay this entire amount of money.

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