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This is a reviving process of the famous old game “Stunt Car” but this time it is coming one of the most improved 3D visuals, you will get to experience an improved controls and playing experience as a whole, so prepare yourself with the Stunt Car Challenge 3 cheats because you will get hooked up to the game after few minutes of the playtime.

Stunt Car Challenge 3 was created and released by “Hyperkani” company and it is available to be played on Android and IOS platforms freely.

Select Your Ideal Car.

Now moving to the first scene of the game which is the car selection or creation, name it whatever you want.

There are several cars available to choose from but actually they will not become possibly to be picked up because the game is simply based on progressing further and earning coins to unlock new cars, so that is how the challenging mode has been added to the game.

Actually purchasing a car is not the end of the world or the last investment that you shall be applying here, there are several upgrades and improvements that you should become aware of and try to have enough funds to be able to improve your car as you progress further in the gameplay, you should be expecting everything to become harder and your needs for an improved car will increase as well.

Quick Instructions.

Right here in the Stunt Car Challenge 3 guide that was created by one of the most talented team at our website, we shall be expressing the smallest details of the gameplay and how it is going to affect your playing style as well, so stay tuned and do not blink out.

Going through the first mission, where you will be introduced to the game tutorial, you can skip it out if you have fully read our review of the game and also aware of the different Stunt Car Challenge 3 tips which have been provided here as well, otherwise keep playing the tutorial to its end.




Controlling system is very basic and there not any complications, starting the first race as you are given four controlling buttons on the screen, on the left bottom corner you can find the rotations buttons which are responsible for keeping your car on the track whilst its minting its balance, which means that flipping over is something would never happen at any case, on the other hand you can find the acceleration buttons which are meant for moving the car forward which is the main purpose of the game actually, right here that was a quick look over the controls but how to get the best out of them, is something that shall come up next here.

Optimal Playing Techniques.

Always try to reach the maximum speed of your car because this will allow you to jump over the cliffs for longer periods, which means that doing stunts shall become much easier and less complicated at the same time, also you are given the chance to score much high points in less time overall to complete the racing track, try to get the best out of your car by simply using Stunt Car Challenge 3 cheats.

Upgrade and Unlock New Cars with Stunt Car Challenge 3 Hack!

At the end of each race that you are completing either successfully or miserably, there will be a detailed report window that contains a rating for your performance on the track coming in a form of the three stars rating system, also there will be a report of the total assets, or in other words the income that you have gained for doing such great stunts, always track these figures to create a room for the improvement, and do not forget the vital role for Stunt Car Challenge 3 hack in improving your gameplay.


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