This is the famous Japanese Style Mobile Summon Game. The main feature about this game is the characters and how unique and popular they are. Unlock the full character’s set with the Summon Gate cheats for free.

Summon Gate was created and published by “Game Dreamer Limited” Company and it is available on Android and IOS stores.

General Intro.

To start the game, you have to select a login option to get started and select a server to being the journey in. There are several instructions to be followed in the server selection process and we will be illustrating them out for you at our Summon Gate guide to keep you doing the right selection.

First of all, the server must be newly created to give you the right chance to compete with the players and confirm yourself as one of the strongest players on the field so far.

Characters Overview.

Right here will be mentioning the list of players that is mainly consisting of 6 unique characters and each one will have its own pros and cons.

Fencer: Fencer and his sword are the one. He has bath expertise offense and defense. Never became fatigued. He defeats enormous enemies with his overwhelming power.

Mage: this class is a pursuer at knowledge. He is good at taking advantages at enemies’ weaknesses and can cause damage to multiple nits with his extremely harmful pills. Such a unique and lovely character, everyone would love to play with and enjoy his time.

Choose from Two Main Classes.

Each character in the game will have two main classes, there will be a minor difference in the skills tree. But the classes are mainly unique. And now we will progress forward to speak more in depth about the remaining characters.

Cleric: cleric is the messenger of god. Their belief grants them the power to heal and benefit allies. They are trust worthy consumers.

Ranger: a fast and great at mush attack enemies are often confused by their various control skills.

Once you are totally comfortable with the class you are playing with, then you must be focusing on choosing a nickname for your character that will be shown for the most players out there. Make sure that the nickname is not including any special characters.



Meet Joana.

Joana is the silver knight of the kingdom. She is seeking help to get to the puyopyuo City. And this is going to become your first and she will be also introducing you to the basics of the game and give you a backpack as a gift.

Completing the quests has become so much easier now, by tapping on the quest tracking feature, it will take you automatically to the next destination to accomplish the mission. With Summon Gate cheats things will get much easier.

Recruit New Pets and Gain Higher Strengths.

The missions usually will be taking a different path, then you are expecting. The bravest path and the smartest one. There will be a reward for each path you are taking and it is different but mainly it will be equal on the main terms. Complete them up with help of Summon Gate hack.

Moving now to the battle system and there will be some advanced Summon Gate tips for our readers. Make sure you are scrolling down to catch them up.

Simple Battle Mechanism.

This is the combat phase; you must be aware of the turn based technique in order to keep up with every change happening in there.

You must snatch up the opportunity once your turn comes up and do not let your fate in the opponent’ hand. Your skills will be placed on the bottom right corner; each skill will deal a different type of effect on the battlefield.

Also picking up during your journey to help you in the battles is such a great move. And with the Summon Gate hack, you will be getting your hands over the strongest pets in the world.

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