Use the Summoners Clash cheats, to be able to upgrade the heroes that you already own.

Summoners Clash is released on 3 July 2017, as the game was created and developed by NHN Entertainment Crop.

Summoners Clash is now available free to download on Google Play for all the Android devices, starting from firmware of 4.1 and higher, do not forget to use the Summoners Clash cheats to make the needed upgrades for your heroes.

Try to collect as many heroes as possible to have a variety of options.

When you first open Summoners Clash for the first time on your mobile device, the Summoners Clash tips will show you three different heroes, as these are the heroes who will fight for you, then you will begin your first battle, you as Lowmem verses the Instructor, the battle in Summoners Clash will last for whole three minutes.

The first thing you will need to do is to look at your opponents camp, as the Summoners Clash will tell you, then it will tell you that if you destroy the enemy’s tower, you will earn points.

Therefore, whoever earns the most points during the three minutes of the game wins the battle.

Then you will realize that there is a strange building in the middle of your enemy’s camp as this is your opponent’s Dragon, as if you destroy your opponent’s Dragon, you will win immediately, regardless of the time remaining.

Train your heroes and recruit other heroes as well to protect your dragon egg.

In Summoners Clash, try not to just focus on attacking your enemy’s camp trying to destroy their Dragon and forget about your camp.

As whoever has defended more towers at the end of the game wins, so defending is another strategy that can wins you the game, just by destroying one tower of your enemy’s camp and do not lose one.

However, be careful, if your Dragon is destroyed, you will lose the game immediately.



Follow the Summoners Clash guide, for the best instructions.

Try to complete the whole tutorial of the game, as you can only play it once at first, however if this is not your first time playing this game, then you can just exit the tutorial by tapping on the skip button located at the top left corner of your device’s screen.

You will find your three heroes as cards below that can be summoned using summoning power.

The amount of summoning power required to summon a hero is displayed at the bottom right of each card, as this summoning power is automatically refilled in a certain period, as you can use up this summoning power to summon a hero you want.

Summoning power is refilled one bar at a time at regular intervals, so keep an eye on your summoning power when summoning your heroes.

The last thing you will need to know is that the cards will not be activated unless you have summoning power, after all of that; you are now ready for your first fight.


Practice the skills of your heroes very well.

If you select a hero card and drag it to the spot where you want to summon it, the summoning power is consumed and the hero is summoned.

To summon a hero, just drag it when he is available to your camp, and you will notice that after being used, the summoning power is refilled at regular intervals.

If many enemies appear, so try to use an attacking skill like the bullet party’s skill.

A skill icon appears next to the hero when the hero is able to use a skill; the icon is not shown when the hero is unable to use a skill.


By using the Summoners Clash hack, you can now get many heroes cards.

Try to collect as many heroes as possible by wining fights and also you can exchange the cards with your friends, as there are an online community in Summoners Clash, so make sure to get the Summoners Clash hack to get more heroes cards for free.



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