Very interesting action game that is bringing set of heroes you have never seen before. The greatest part in the game is the variety of skills and heroes. Each hero is coming with this own set of skills that is waiting for you to optimize and manage them to deal the highest damage possible.

Collecting the heroes and exploring new places are the main fun parts of the game, and you can enhance this factor as well by using Super Hero Fight Club cheats service free. Learn more in this regard down below.

Super Hero Fight Club was created and published by “Incuvo SA” company and it is available to be downloaded and played through any Android or IOS platform.

On the white paper, we have read that you need only an android version 4.4 and up to run the game. However, from our own experience and prospective point, we do believe that the game is pretty much more advanced in this regard.

Enjoy Playing In Two Interesting Modes.

We will skip out all the unnecessary introductions and head directly into the game modes. The Super Hero Fight Club guide was created originally to allow the players to learn the basics and some advanced techniques in less than 10 minutes.

So now, you must choose from the story mode and training mode. The training mode was created originally to help the new players testing out new skills and expand their firepower’s as well. All of these techniques are very critical and will consume time until you manage to master them out. Learn more about them on the next segment.

Several Super Heroes Available.

Choose a character from a pool that is consisting of eight super heroes. We are speaking here about every single famous super hero. In addition, remember that the enemies will continue to grow stronger as you play the game.

You have to follow our Super Hero Fight Club tips to know exactly how to adapt to the changes of powers. Also figuring out a solid way to stay alive no matter what the threats are going to be…I hope you have written your last will, because today is the end of you!




The main battle interface is cool and totally expected. They have added nothing unique or special; every single part of the combat was originally duplicated from a console game.

The joystick to move around is located on the left side and the attacking buttons on the opposite side. They are coming in the A, B, C, D form. We have seen this exact look on the old games. Learn new attacking techniques by using Super Hero Fight Club cheats.

How to Execute Combos?

There are three attacking buttons, and this is making the battle system much more complicated than ever. First thing to do is to use Super Hero Fight Club hack to unlock new heroes, which will make the combo execution much easier.

Second move is to read the combo guide inside the game and start training your skills at the training mode. Do not head directly into the story mode, as it will not give you enough space and time to test out new moves and skills.

Most of the combo attacks are a combination of two buttons and a direction mainly. It is not a big deal, but it could be a trouble when it comes to the touch mobiles.

Final Verdict.

We did not enjoy the game, the graphics and animations of the game in general are pretty much low. We can start treating it as a time killing game but not for very long periods.

Also,let us not are dragged into the features of the game and forget to remind the players to keep an eye over the health bars at the top side of the screen. Always make sure that you are standing on a solid ground before going full offensive on your enemies. In addition, if you were looking for anyway to unlock the remaining feature of the game, then the Super Hero Fight Club hack would be the ideal solution.

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