Super Ninja Spirit was created and published by “EFUN COMPANY LIMITED” and it is available to be downloaded and played on the Android and IOS platforms.

It is a Japanese MMOARPG. The main events of the game are based on a war between the mythical creatures and the evil to save the universe from the annihilation.

The game is supporting CO-OP, chatting, social life such as marriage. In addition, you will get to enjoy tons of amazing skills to be unleashed upon your enemies. You may grant your account the VIP access with the Super Ninja Spirit cheats services.

Get Started

We will jump directly in our Super Ninja Spirit review towards the character creation and a quick overview of the available three classes.

  • Kumokage: master of shinobi arts, moving like a shadow in the night. A concealed blade with wild youthfulness.
  • High nimble but when it comes to the attack and defense; it is not your best option. Check on the next class if you did not find what you are looking for yet…
  • Kirikage: through the rockudou, everything is always in change. Controlling yin and yang, sealing everything.
  • Very high, when it comes to the attack and decently balanced on the magical defense part. Very low on the health points, so this class will not last long under fire.
  • All these classes with some upgrades from Super Ninja Spirit cheats could boost their attributes and fill the voids.
  • Hokage: great martial powers and strength. Clearly sees love and hate, guarding eternally.
  • Very high on health points and attack, low on magical defense so you should be using this class mainly as a tanker and to survive for as long as possible on the battlefield.

By reaching this point, we are sure that you are already made your mind with the class that will represent your character in the game. The next part will be the name choice, and that is very simple…



Auto-Pathfinder Feature

Remember to check your mail every day for the newest events and rewards, you just might get a surprise!

  • The loading between menus could take some time, but it will not consume any mobile data.

Autpath finding is allowed in the game, so you are no longer attached to the game details and you can save your time and effort whilst the game is progressing towards your goal.

You might want to check on the NPC dialogues to know exactly your mission and the story going on, but if you are not interested, that will not affect your overall game progress.

On the top right corner, you can find the battery percentage and the connection strength. It is a nice addition from the game to keep you informed about the status of everything around you in real life including the time as well.

Advancing up in levels will happen in a fast pace, but you can make it even faster if you add the Super Ninja Spirit cheats to your game.

Advance UP In Levels and Get Married

Advancing up levels has many benefits, as you will unlock new skills and features of the game. You can get the full potential of these features by activating the Super Ninja Spirit cheats and that is something we have mentioned earlier on here…

If the urge of playing the game and killing monsters started to kick in, then you can disable the auto path finding mode and switch to the manual.

The attacking skills will be found on the bottom right corner, the locked skills will show you the unlocking level and the available ones will be in much brighter color.

Move around from one place to another using the drag pad on the left bottom corner.

Being a VIP player is a feature the game is offering for real money, which means you can never become a VIP playing the game on the regular basis. The Super Ninja Spirit hack will grant you the VIP experience and that is very free, you do not have to pay a single penny in return.



Enjoy The VIP Access With Super Ninja Spirit Cheats

Boss fights are the most entertaining fight in the game, they are much stronger than the regular monsters and they have better colors and will require a lot of attention from you.

Sometimes, the path finding will not do you well when it ends up against a strong boss that would be the right moment to turn the path finding off and get the Super Ninja Spirit cheats ready to fix the situation.

  • The rewards from killing a boss are huge, they will boost up your level and there will be coins and items.

They have linked everything in the game to your main level, which means that you will not be able to access certain quests or skills or even main features in the game until you reach a certain level, which will take us to the Super Ninja Spirit hack and its great addition to the power leveling system.

Connect your Facebook account to the game and it will grant you a complete assurance over your game data files, which means you, will be able to retrieve it from any device and simply nothing can remove the progression you have made at any point of the game.

The rewards from Super Ninja Spirit hack will not be conflicted if you used your Facebook as a login option at the starting phase.

Meet Tons OF Players From All Over the World

The chat box on the left side will enable you to communicate with the surrounding players. You might want to use the English language to communicate with as many players as possible.

  • Do not forget the huge impact of Super Ninja Spirit hack with the VIP access on your gameplay experience.

The city is very big and there are several NPCS, each one has its own story and questing path. In addition, as you advance in level, you will be able to adapt your own pet to accompany you through this journey.

  • Here is a quick look over the main skills you will unlock as you advance in level:
  • Shapeshift: enjoy one hit kill at level 6
  • Mount: boost power greatly at level 32 with a marvelous mount
  • Marriage: you will be able to get married, raise baby and enjoy coupe mount with your loved one. That is a very interesting feature that we first to see on a mobile phone.
  • Boost up your leveling process with the Super Ninja Spirit hack
  • World bosses await at level 115, as you will be able to get powerful gear with little effort.

You can always skip any cinematic video in the game; it will not affect anything regarding your gameplay.

Do not forget to receive your daily reward gift, as you will be able to get a new item for 7 days and the reward will keep on increasing as days pass by…

You cannot find any monsters or fight other players in the city, as it is considered a sacred place in the game.

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