Enter your own tank and start working on making it much better version of it by improving its powers and abilities so far, in order to upgrade your tank, you should be collecting the items and also win every combat you entering for higher rankings and rewards, or you might start using Super Tank Rumble cheats as it will be helping you out with the different tasks you carrying around.

The game was created by “Smilegate Megaport” company and you can simply download it on android or IOS devices.

Game Introduction.

The game includes many game modes to play in but it is coming back to you after all to choose the one that suits you the most, but it is also our role to express them to you with details and let you know the most suitable mode for your playstyle in our Super Tank Rumble guide right here but at the moment let’s move to the combat scenes and gameplay in depth.

You are simply entering a battle in one versus one but it could become bigger and no it is not a turn based game, you need to react fast and have the upper hand over your opponent in order to win the combat by firing and aiming at the weakness spots of your opponent’s tank, you can find some more Super Tank Rumble tips down here in this article.

How TO React IN The Battlefield.

In this segment you will be knowing what you are supposed to do exactly as soon as the combat begins, first thing is keeping your eyes over the health bar that is located at the top side of the screen, so you can be finding the opponent`s health bar n the right side and yours on the left one, remember that once it is finished you will be over and totally destroyed so stay alive for as long as possible or maybe even eliminate the opponent before he eliminates you.

In case the battle started to get much harder for you, start using the white flag to surrender from the right side of the screen as it is a quick escape route for you.

Enjoy Between Playing Online or Offline.

The game has two major game modes, the first one we got here is the campaign mode and it is one of the most important battle modes in the game as it provides you with the necessary story line and the purpose of playing the game, also you will get to unlock new tanks and learn new game features of the game by completing several missions, just make sure you are putting your hands over the Super Tank Rumble cheats to be able to accomplish them missions in less time and effort.

Super Tank Rumble Hack Will get You the Coins Needed to Unlock New Tanks and Upgrades.

The second mode is the “Finding Match” mode, this mode requires an active internet connection and a solid tank to support your combat scenes against players from all over the world, each game will cost you approximately 10 coins and if you win the combat you shall be earning 20x coins and if you lose they will be gone forever, but as you know you need to upgrade your tank or even purchase new strong one by using the Super Tank Rumble hack for free in order to reach the highest ranks of the game.

Pay A Visit to Your Hangar to Strengthen Up Your Tank!

As soon as the combat begins you shall be receiving a brief message that contains all the important information about you and your opponent such as the attack power, Fire rate of your tanks and the defense powers and of course the in game levels are shown right under your names to ensure that the game is balanced and fair as much as possible.

Pay a visit to the Hangar so you could be applying some upgrades and improvements to your tank to make it much stronger than anyone else at the same level of yours.


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