The world has fallen into the zombies hand and the infection is spreading all over the world leaving nothing in a good shape, billions of humans are getting infected and the humans cannot find a cure for such a virus that is spreading very fast and the numbers of zombies are increasing rapidly, but here comes the role for the guardians to defend the last survivors and humans society as much as possible, defending them would require you to have better ideas outside of the box and it is not only based around shooting them down, the strategies will play a big role in these battles. Do not forget the survival zombie apocalypse cheats as this is going to be your right hand to help you out with different missions for free.

Survival zombie apocalypse was created by “Infected Heroes Games” company and it is available to be downloaded now on IOS or android devices.

Game story.

Here are some few quick survival zombie apocalypse tips about the battle system you should be keeping them in your head before entering any battle.

Each thing has its own weakness and advantages and the same applies for the zombies, that is why you need to know their strong points to dodge them and their weakness to take advantage of it and have the upper hands against them in battles, as our role in the survival zombie apocalypse guide to express them to you then read the following lines carefully.

The pros and cons of the zombies.

The zombies are slow and they will never be able to run and become faster than you so you need to be patient when you are firing with your weapon at them, if you are far away they cannot smell you or even locate your destination, but the biggest problem is that once you fire out the first bullet they will be locating you and start marching towards your location, and that is when the trouble starts to happen.

Always aim for the zombie’s head as this is their weakest spot, 1 bullet in the head will take any zombie down, but if you shoot on the legs or hands this will only be slowing them but not killing.

Controlling and killing effects.

Now let’s get to the controls part and how it works, start swiping around using your fingers and once you locate out any zombie get the crosshair right over his heart or head and once everything is set into the place and you are ready to fire out, tap on the right bottom corner of the screen and watch the lethal bullet taking its part towards the zombie in a slow motion effect, you can close your eyes because the visuals of the splashing blood all over the floor is outstanding and a little bit gore at the same time.

Prepare yourself for harder challenges the further you getting into the storyline.

The game has its own missions and they will keep changing according to the stage you have reached so far, and the longer and further you are proceeding as the game difficulty will be increasing as well to match up with your skills so the competition would keep going on, but firstly equip yourself with survival zombie apocalypse cheats to have the required resoruces to purchase new upgrades for your gears.

Get survival zombie apocalypse hack to obtain the strongest gears in the market for free.

At this department we will be covering the different gears and the quests, you can check the quests list in order to see how good you are achieving and progressing so far, and claim your rewards after completing each quest successfully, these rewards now needs to be spent over new gears in order to be able to complete the upcoming challenge and become strong enough, but first know the types of weapons and understand their main usages so far and also do not forget the vests as they will be increasing your defense, but after all your need for the resoruces will grow bigger that is why you should be having the survival zombie apocalypse hack right away.


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