Slay epic monsters with weapons and words through “Naquatic LLC.” New game syllablade, the game is defined as role play game and it is available for both Android and IOS devices, through the game you will have to join letters to make words and use them to kill monsters and evil characters, and as you finish levels you will use the rewards to upgrade and buy new weapons to use them in the next levels, but beware that if you make wrong words or get out of time the monster will kill you and you will lose, and through the game you will also go through clan wars and clear the world from monsters, so let’s talk about syllablade tips and know more about syllablade hack and what we will get from it.

Easy to Control Interface.

The interface of the game is so simple as you will find the fight at the top of the scree and the words puzzle at the bottom where through this you will be able to solve the puzzle easier as you won’t need to tap or touch the characters through fights all you need is to match the letters to form words and make your character stronger against enemy monsters and to kill them, through this easy interface you will be able to see all the interactions and fight effects through the battle as they are on the top and your hands won’t come close to them.

Big Words, Big Damage.

Through the game you will need to match big words as they will give your character more power to make more damage, where through it you will be able to finish the battle faster and get more coins as a reward, and through the game you must focus to match the taller words as they will finish the battle faster, but to get more time you can match all the words you will see to get more coins faster, as they could finish the game to, but they will take more time, you can use syllablade cheats and get unlimited amount of coins and gems to use them in upgrading weapons and to get new ones for the war.



Customize to Get into War.

Through the game you will be able to customize your character from many character with various powers and weapons, and every character will have a boost weapon that can finish the battle faster, but these boosts are limited so be careful when you use them, also you can use syllablade cheats and get unlimited amount of boosts to finish the fight quickly and also get all the characters in the game and upgrade them to the unlimited power, you can also get into clan wars and compete against other real players through the game, and through this war you will get more rewards and test your fight speed through it and who will get more words in no time, and as you go through battles and win them you will stockpile enemies bones and get pries for that as every battle you win will give you more bones and bonus to loot.

Power Hack.

Through the game you will need to get more coins and bones to make upgrades to your weapons and customize your characters for the best battle power, so by using syllablade hack you will be able to get unlimited amount of coins and bones that you will use them through upgrades and purchases of items, also you can make all of the upgrades for the weapons and unlock all the characters to fight with style, also through syllablade hack you will be able to get all the packages for free and with no external purchases, and as you play you will be able to disable ads and play the game with no stops for the ads, and it is also very easy to use and won’t affect your device performance or harm it after installation.

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