Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena was created and published via “Camex Cames” company and it is available to be downloaded on Android and IOS platforms.

This game has been blowing out the minds of the gamers all over the world, and you can check the critics’ opinion on the game and see how impressed they were.

If you were a fan of the turn based strategic games, then we would completely recommend you to play this game, adding the Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena cheats to the gameplay. You will notice a huge improvement.


Welcome to the Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena, it seems that there are many guests here. You need to know exactly whom are you going to make them as your friend.

Recruiting many monsters along your journey should become your main aim. The Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena cheats should be helping you with this task.

First, you must learn how to battle and control the given monsters at the beginning stages. Are you ready?

Remember that cooper does not fear melee physical attacks, it is best to use range or magic attacks to eliminate him.

Battlefield Overview…

This is your first test so far, so please make sure that you are having all the attacking techniques and styles in your mind to have flexible plan.

The red cells are an indicator for the attacking range. So choose the right monsters that you will be applying an attack with to know exactly where your hit is going to land.

The better the soldiers you have, the longer their range will be. So consider having the Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena hack as an option to improve and increase your army.

Try to move your soldiers into the right spot, as there will be an effective range and maximum range. You can learn more about them on the next segment.



Advanced Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena tips!

The battlefield is split into two sides; you will be automatically moved to the left side of the screen. The tiles or the squares are the battlefield and garrison points.

Your soldiers can advance forward and create a defensive system around the HQ. However, this will also grant them an advantage over the enemies. As you can deal maximum attack damage once, the enemy is shown in the red cell.

The light red cell will only allow you to deal 50% of your actual damage. With more of Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena hack, we do believe that you can get monsters with much higher range.

Melee Attack and Other Instructions.

Choose an enemy to attack, and select a direction. You can also decide to take the defensive state and wait for enemies to come at you.

Some monsters have their pros and cons, and it is your role is to know the exact information about your current. You will gain energy points by attacking enemies, defeating enemies or by being attacked.

You might gain energy points as well with the help of Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena cheats. When your energy is full, you can use your ultimate skill!

The ultimate skill was created specially to deal massive damage. It can eliminate your opponent at once with a single attack.

Great Rewards Are Waiting For You.

Completing the tutorial at the first phase, will reward you with Kabul a new common monsters.

Kabu: The leader of abuka’’s tribe. Kabu’s great shield cannot only protect him against range attacks; the heavy shield can also stun an enemy. His axe and shield attack combo can deal great damage.

Obtain new monsters easily via Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena hack. In addition, you can get gold coins as well.

There are several types of monsters.

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Very rare
  • Mythical

The higher the rarity of your monster, the stronger and tougher it will be on the battlefield. Always seek the stronger monsters to add them to your army.

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