Do you have what it takes to be #1 on the planet? Enter the fun universe of TACTICAL MULTIPLAYER ARENA!

Encounter the surge of 3-5 minute system fights in the realm of Tactical Monsters involved beasts from all sides of the world. Regardless of whether you are focused, all things considered, or virtual reality, this is a definitive rivalry diversion for you!


Frame the most immense group and vanquish the constant multiplayer gameplay. Outflank and crush your adversaries by deliberately situating your creatures before fight and strategically controlling their activities in fight.



This is a turn-based, hex network strategies gameplay with creatures from unequaled and space. From Franky the Frankenstein, to dream beasts like Medusa and Griffin, to socially settled animals like WuKong and the Mummy, to creatures you’ve never observed, for example, Frosty the bigfoot and Nobu the apparition samurai. Every beast have their own particular one of a kind foundation and occupations. Every creatures have remarkable aptitudes, for example, enchantment abilities, physical abilities, or even world-completion abilities like the atomic warhead from Dr. Walter’s Meca Machine.


This diversion has an assortment of single player mode levels that enables you to prepare and update your beasts. When you are prepared, you will then go into continuous PVP fights with players from around the globe to battle for the #1 spot. Battle for your nation and your family by strategically being the best and most intelligent in the diversion. Unleash your beasts and let them roll on the planet’s greatest fight!

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