The game events are taking place in an ancient time, but it is more like a fantasy world. Where the dragons used to live with the humans and other creatures in peace until something has happened and the chaos and darkness started to spread all over the planet.

That is when your time will come to stand up and try to put an end for the evil powers and take them out by your Taichi skills. But we have a better solution, which Is using the Taichi Panda 3 cheats service and try to purchase the necessary gears to progress forward as fast as possible, without paying a single penny. Totally for free!

Taichi Panda 3 was created and released by “Snail Games USA Inc.” corporation. And they have released it finally in English language through the Android and IOS stores. So feel free to download it right away.

The requirements needed to run the game are pretty much high, we are speaking about the android version 4.0 and up. also you must have enough space on your device as the game would take up to 600mb, so downloading any extra files should be done through the Wi-Fi.

Interesting Boost for Choosing from Two Factions Randomly.

At the start of the game, you have to choose between playing in one of the given two factions. On the left side you find the Lion Empire. And on the other hand the Panda Alliance.

Most of players were not choosing randomly, so the game developers have added a very smart idea. You will be getting 1000000 gold and 50 bound diamonds if you select a faction randomly, and by this way they will make sure that all the factions are balanced in terms of number of players so far.

We will also try let you know the fastest ways to increase your stock of diamonds and gold at our Taichi Panda 3 guide.



Choose from 5 Different Classes.

From this moment, we will be speaking mainly about the available classes and how to pick up the right one that will fit your playing style. Of course there will be special section for the rare Taichi Panda 3 tips. So reading the following list, shall save you a lot of time.

Swordsman: melee fighter, wield sword and shield. The defense will be increased and the attack will be reduced when the character is mounted. You may get enhanced powers with Taichi Panda 3 cheats, but let’s leave this solution to later parts.

Rune Mage: Ranged excels at the runes, he is considered to be the master magician.

Healer: a supporting class, she will make sure that all the team mates are in a good health and are able to survive to the next battle.

Keep Your Distance from The Enemies!

We have left the last class to the end. We got the Scout, this is the archer in this game, a very strong sharpshooter. Ready to take any opponent from miles away before it even reaches you.

It is always advice to get the Taichi Panda 3 hack into service to purchase strong armor gears for this class. Due to the fact of how weak the scout is in the melee battles. So with the right gears, you will manage to overcome this weakness easily.

Final Conclusion.

We have covered the classes at the Panda faction. On the other hand, you will find the Lion faction but we do not have to waste your time with a repeated speech about the classes.

They all are the same and there is no main difference between them. the main change is the outfit and names of classes. But they are doing the same job.

We have loved everything about the game, everything was created perfectly and you will notice this from the first moments of the gameplay in the open world. We cannot really tell a difference between this game on a mobile or a PC. And with Taichi Panda 3 hack things got even better.

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