This game was created specially to bring the console quality and experience right to the palms of your hands. Enjoy the ultimate RPG experience combined with several curves and plot twists in the storyline, read and use our Tales of the Rays hack, cheats, tips and guide to become fully aware of the game changes.

Tales of The Rays was created and published by “BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment INC.” and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.


Right here, we will be giving you a detailed report about the features of the game, a quick explanation to everything that you will be seeing inside, and that is our role and how we do it with every single game. So keep on reading and do not blink an eye.

Starting up with the most important part which is the controls, especially during the combat phase. There are several types of the attacks, each one of them has its own pros and cons, keep reading to understand how and when to use the different attacking types.

Starting with the normal attacks, tap the right side of the screen to perform a normal attack, tap it again to perform up to 3 consecutive attacks.

Artes attack, flick diagonally on the right side of the screen to use Artes, which are more powerful than normal attacks. In addition, different rates can be performed by flicking the right side of the screen in all four diagonal directions. Using artes requires CC. so if you do not have enough, you will use a normal attack instead.CC accumulates automatically when you are not attacking or using them.

Survival Techniques That Shall Keep You Alive for Longer Periods.

By reaching this point so far, we are pretty sure that you are aware of the basics of the battles at this game, but we still missing some features that we have to go through them to make our readers fully aware of the game without even having to download it.

Once the battle begins, you can see the heroes of yours which you are simply controlling through the battle, they are shown right at the bottom icons and each one will have its own health points shown right next to the icon, to show you how good or how long will it be able to survive through these combats.




Mr. Dude. Cannot understand why does he has to fight Marcus. This is going out of control. He is actually trying to reach an agreement to put an end for this war, because it is killing and eating everything.

But the heroes of the citadel have taken this vow to protect the sword and the princess from being harmed, so they are ready to sacrifice their lives for this cause.

The Mirrage Artes.

Filling the mirage gauge which could be referred to by (MG) will simply allow you to use powerful mirage Artes. Using Artes and other actions fills the gauge up. When the character’s gauge is full, his or her icon lights up and an arrow appears. Flick the icon to use a Mirrage Arte. Whenever you use a Mirrage Arte, your Mirrage Ratio goes up and makes Mirrage Artes stronger. The Mirrage Ratio will not go down until the quest is over, so try to use Mirrage Artes Often.

Final Words.

Always keep yourself up for the changes, learning new skills and moves will only make you stronger.

And by now I guess you are ready to go on your own throughout the different challenges, and to make sure that you will be reaching the highest point of the battle so far, use our Tales of the Rays hack, cheats, tips and guide. As it will be providing you with the necessary resources that will make the upgrading and improvement part much easier than you could have ever imaged.



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