Tales of Wind was created and published by “Neocraft Limited” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on the Android and IOS platforms.

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Today we are going to play the heartwarming MMO, which is going to be launched globally at the end of April.

They have managed to make a perfect MMO, starting from the available classes and ending up with the attacking animations.

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Quick Info

The game was originally posted in the Korean region so the region and language will be Korean by default.

Therefore, the first phase of the game is to select a server that is close as much as possible to your country. It will help you to reduce the latency and enjoy the game to its full potential.

Reading our Tales of Wind review will increase your knowledge about the game, it is suitable for the beginners and advanced players at the same time. In addition, ensure that your internet connection is active and stable at the same time.



Choose From Four Available Classes

Now we are creating the first own new character here…

There are four different classes and each one is coming with his own pros and cons, it is your duty to know which class suits your style of the play the most.

  • Warrior: you can trust the warriors on your own life. They are very solid and can tank as much as damage as you can imagine. Their damage dealing skills are not the highest but they are rather balanced in this regard.
    1. We are the holy shields of power, the guardians of ultimate force. We reign high above all destruction and nothingness.
  • Mage: the highest damage dealer in the game, they shine mainly in the AOE fights. “Pyromancer” roar on burn bright- the flames of guren shall devour all that we despise.
  • We hold our scepters with a benevolent smile. Yet those we smile on can find themselves flung into the depth of ice or an endless black hole the second they cross us.
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Upgrade Your Hero with Tales of Wind Cheats

We have covered previously two main classes, the time has come to speak briefly about the remaining two classes we still have.

  • Cleric: the most loyal companion. The cleric was created originally to support and heal the teammates.
    1. To heal those in need is our creed. We are known as the beings closest to god.
  • Ranger: transcending life and death, travelling across time, mocking all rules to us, all order in the world is made to be destroyed. The ranged attacks when mixed with the right gears from Tales of Wind hack will do wonders.
  • Assassin: no one has truly met an Asua, for those who did on the battlefield, they all are dead. The assassin focuses on dealing as high damage as possible without being seen.

Tons Of Customizations Were Added In The Last Patch

You may start customizing your character after you have chosen everything. The variety of customizations list is amazing, we have enjoyed it. At the end, we must notify you about the voice chat type.

You may choose between four types to hear the voice in.

  • Elegant
  • Sunshine
  • Free
  • Calm

The controls are not different when compared to other MMOS. They did not invent anything new or frustrating to the players.

Move around the place using the joystick pad on the left corner, and on the right side, you can see the attacking skills and animations.

On the top left corner you can access all your character info, including the remaining health points and mana points.

You can visit the NPC with the Tales of Wind hack activated to purchase the latest gears available.

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