Remember our little tom cat? Let’s have fun with him at the pool in his newest game talking tom pool by outfit 7, the game is available for android and IOS devices and allows you to have a lot of fun, unlike old talking tom, the new game is like puzzle game you have to make the similar cats to hit each other and sink to win the level and advance to the other one, and as you finish levels you will earn keys to use them in upgrading the park, or either you can use talking tom hack and get all the upgrades for free, so let’s talk about talking tom pool tips and the fun inside the game.

Friends Fun!

The game is about tom and his friends not tom only, so what you have to do in the game is make tom and his friends hit each other and make the similar hit each other in limited moves to finish the level and advance through the other one and as a reward you will receive a key for completing the level and also you will have coins you can build and upgrade the buildings with it faster, but they are limited and to increase them you have to make external purchases, or you can use talking tom pool cheats and enjoy the game with the maximum amount of money you want.

Designed for Kids.

As talking tom is designed generally for kids, we will see that talking tom pool also is designed for them, as the game design is simple and not complicated, with sweet visual and musical effects, as you play the game you will enjoy the effect of the character’s movement on the water and their effect when they hit each other, also you will see that if the characters are not similar they will move away like there’s two real objects hit each other, I really enjoyed the effects in talking tom pool, and also the sound effects of hit, water, and construction and updates, really makes the game attractive for young kids, and also for adults, the only annoying thing in the game is the ads, which you can stop them by talking tom hack which will disable ads in the game.



New Levels, New Pools.

As you advance through the levels you will start to unlock new pools, as the new pools are complicated to be finished you will find the rep pepper inside the pool where if a character moved over it, it will make him go fast and crazy in all the pool sides and hit all of the characters, he will also break the ice in one hit not like other hits, in some levels you will find that it consists of two pools where the last character hit will jump to the other one to continue the level, I think this effect and option are so sweet on the game, as you make it you will find that there’s two levels in one, not just ordinary levels and it adds some excitement in the game play, you can use talking tom pool cheats to have all what you need to advance through the levels quickly without waiting for lives to be refilled if you lost in one of the levels.

Hack for Fun.

As the game is simple, but you can add more fun to it by using talking tom pool hack, with this hack you can get all the keys for free and advance in the levels quickly, it will disable all the ads for free and allows you to make all the purchases for free and with no external or internal cost, this hack is completely free and 100% safe and don’t need any root or jail brake and doesn’t affect the game performance or make any lags on your device, so have fun of the game either with the hack or without it.

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