If you were a kid that was born at the 90s, then you have already obtained a Tamagotchi game. You have been living together a very interestinglife,as you were responsible of every step that this character was doing in his day.

You are now about to be granted with much higher advantages and increased feature as the My Tamagotchi Forever cheats will be taking you beyond your expectations.

My Tamagotchi Forever was created and published by “BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe” company and it is available to be downloaded and played through the Android and IOS platforms.

The game is very low in the terms of graphics quality and you will not be facing any problems running it smoothly. It is a very colorful game but the animations are so simple and having no extraordinary effects.

The game is veryfree and you can access all of its main features but if you were planning to enjoy the game to its full potential then use the My Tamagotchi Forever hack and start investing into the purchasable items from in-game store.

If you are not fascinating the idea of the in game purchases or a kid of yours is using the device, then do not forget to disable it through the settings menu.

Welcome To Tamatown!

By the time we have started writing this My Tamagotchi Forever guide, the game was already on the pre-register phase. So if you have read this review right away, then hurry up and sign up for the pre-registration form to become one of the first players to play it.

The game begins by tapping repeatedly on the door of the house and there will be that Tamagotchi asking you to pet him. Without a doubt, it is very hard task to resist the poor eyes of a Tamagotchi.

Once you agree to pet him, the new responsibilities will start to flood into your game and things will get harder and harder as you progress.

You must realize that the Tamagotchi will be treated as a humanizing or let us say a living soul. All the needs that any other human would need, this character will be in need to it. That is why we are recommending a game for the ones whom wants to test their responsibly level and know how far they can go with the child needs.



A Clean Tamagotchi Is A Happy Tamagotchi!

The Tamagotchi will start to lose his patience and his hunger levels will increase as soon as you pet him. That is when you will decide to head to the kitchen to feed him, but the sad news will follow up.

Your kitchen is out of food and that is the right moment to use My Tamagotchi Forever cheats and start purchasing food through the shop.

There are some types of food that will be unlocked by watching an advertisement video; others will be purchased with diamonds only. The higher the cost, the higher the quality and its effect will be on the pet.

At some stages of the game, your pet will start suggesting certain meals to be prepared for him. That is why you should be always ready to purchase his needs to make the Tamagotchi at his highest happiness levels.

That is not the end of the hunger state, as you are supposed to feed him by dragging the food and dropping it right at his mouth. Repeat this until the hunger icon at the bottom side of the screen turn into green.

That is not the end of your day with the Tamagotchi; you will need to follow our remaining set of My Tamagotchi Forever tips to survive to the end of the day.

Gameplay in Depth.

We have mentioned earlier that the game is pretty much a simulation to the reality world we are living in. so your Tamagotchi will automatically require to get to the bathroom after finishing a meal or drinking a drink.

Your mission in this case is to prepare the toilet by cleaning it up and making it shine like a new one. Cleaning it will require from you to keep tapping over the dirt and do not worry, there will be coins coming back to you as a reward.

We do believe that the coins you getting from cleaning the toilet are nothing compared to the power of My Tamagotchi Forever hack, but you must make it clean so the Tamagotchi would be able to use it.

Keep tapping over the Tamagotchi once he sits on the toilet to make sure that he has finished. You can see the emotional changes on his face, as he will be moving from the angry state right to the love state once he is done.

Follow the bladder by a shower to maintain a high level of hygiene that could be done by grabbing the soap and foaming all his body until you can see every part is covered. Follow this up by the water from shower.

Receive coins as a reward for taking care of the Tamagotchi but the My Tamagotchi Forever hack will always surpass all your expectations and take you into another level.



Unlock New Features As You Advance In Levels.

Now, your Tamagotchi will be in need to sleep. Head directly towards the bed room and turn off the lights, that is how you will speed up the time and get closer to start a new day.

Each day passes will grant you experience points and help you to advance up in level and there will be new features unlocked as a reward for advancing in the levels.

To enjoy the newly unlocked features, you might want to consider the usage of My Tamagotchi Forever hack services to afford all of them new facilities in the around.

As we have mentioned the newly unlocked facilitates, then we have to talk about the new football pitch that will become available by level two, but it is very empty and you have to decorate it right from the scratch.

Learn more about the decoration in the next segment, and make sure you are paying close attention to every word we saying. Cover up your decoration costs by obtaining My Tamagotchi Forever cheats.

Tamagotchi Loves Football!

We were lucky enough to play the game, as Tamagotchi loves football the same way we do love it. Therefore, the complications were very limited and we shared the same ideas about decorating a football pitch.

The only issue we have faced so far was the cost of decoration, it was very expensive and that is way we have started thinking of creating the My Tamagotchi Forever cheats.

After creating the football pitch, it would be a nice idea to train your skills and practice more on different techniques. Feel free to take a picture of your pet and share it through your social media.

You should also know that the collected photos would help with completing pages of the storyline and helping you to earn more rewards in return.

Always keep yourself prepared for the new arrivals at your home. Tap reputedly to hatch them and remember that is a new responsibility been thrown at your shoulders.

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