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Prepare yourself to enter a new journey that will put many possibilities and try to predict your future, travel in time and see what would happen to you after 20, 30 maybe even 100 years from now.

Enjoy the amazing features and the ability to play the game and improve even without playing it, the game developers call it “Idle game mechanics”, and do not forget the Tap Forward cheats as it will be helping you to reach the highest upgradable level possible ever.

Tap Forward was created and published by “Five Bits, Inc.” company and it is available on Android and IOS platforms.


Welcome to tap forward, tap your way into the future the more tics you collect the older you will get, and we can guarantee that no one wants to get old in real life, but this game is giving you the chance to become older without affecting your real identity.

To grow up with your given character, there are several methods to follow, and mainly you should be knowing that the faster you tap on the screen the faster you will be growing up, right now we can assume that we have given you some Tap Forward tips, but you can find more of them located down below here.

After each certain amount of taps on the screen, your character will grow up into another phase, as it leaves the babyhood it will one become a little bit older so the requirements and needs shall increase.

Upgrade Your Gameplay.

Moving next to the upgrades as the game requires from you to apply certain upgrades, tap on the upgrade icon on the bottom left corner to get some upgraded, these will make you earn more ticks faster, in other words.

A single tap with your finger will no longer equal one tick, it will allow you to multiply it so you are going to save a lot of effort, make sure that you are investing all your items into the sand watch upgrades as this is the highest priority for any player in tap forward game.



Surviving Instructions.

Keep an eye over the health bar, do not let this dry out as you might die! It refills with every tap you make, if your character dies there will be a tick and health penalty, and we do not want you as a new player to lose your character and watch it drop dead in front of your eyes, so please read the following Tap Forward guide carefully and consider every single word mentioned over here.

On the upcoming segment, we shall speak about the events and how to keep track of them, these events are holding the most important life events and it will be displayed on the bar at the far top side.

Secret Ways to Increase Your Ticks.

Keep track of your ticks through the tick’s counter, this will let you know how many ticks you have achieved so far, and the more ticks the higher possibility to grow older and purchase new upgrades and items, if you are seeking for the fastest way for the ticks then we can easily suggest you to get Tap Forward cheats, it is completely safe and free so you do not have to worry about paying a single penny or even lose any of your important personal data.

Apply Any Upgrade Freely Through the Tap Forward Hack Right Away!

After each period of time, you will be given one free opportunity to use the ticks spin wheel, use it to earn a great reward but after all, these wheel games are depending 100% on your luck level, so if you feel that you are lucky why not give it a try?

And now as you have completed the tutorial and ready to proceed into the game on your own, do not forget to use the Tap Forward hack and cover your spending’s easily.



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