One of the most successful game franchise in the past years, we are speaking here about a game that many generations grow up playing it. So your chance now to play right on your smartphone is something that we consider as an opportunity or a gift from the modern world. Download the game, read and use our TEKKEN hack, cheats, tips and guide to become fully aware of the game principles, also you will get an access to many locked features inside.

TEKKEN was created and published by” BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe” company and it is available to be downloaded from the Android and IOS stores for free.

Quick Introduction.

Let’s ignore all the propaganda which were built around this game through the past years and see by our own eyes either it is a decent choice or not…that is what we will be exposing right here in this ultimate version of our TEKKEN hack, cheats, tips and guide. So stay tuned!

First thing the game is requiring form you to have a decent device, by decent we mean a midrange device that was created in this year or even a flagship from the previous ones. The graphics are not really that high but still will impress your eyes. Do not panic form the loading period, it could take up too few seconds or few minutes depending on your device power, but that is actually normal for the first startup, as it will start to get better gradually due to the fact of the cache system. Right on the next parts we shall speak more about the game story and how the game was built around it so far.



Welcome to The King of Iron Fist Tournament!

That is how the game begins, a few cinematic videos combined with pictures introducing you to the world of the greatest TEKKEN scene ever. This is the largest fighting tournament in the world so far. As the greatest fighters are gathered from all over the world to prove their powers and abilities to become one of the best ever.

There will be a quick introduction to a fight that is featuring two of the tournament`s most fearsome competitors. First up, practitioner of Mishima-Ryue Karate: Kazzuya Mishima! A fighter who has no patience towards his enemies, and ready to eliminate anyone that stands before his dream and target of becoming one of the best! Using his special eye and muscular body to deal massive damage to the foes.

On the other hand, you can see a world renowned assassin… the notorious Nina Williams! A ruthless girl, that is looking so pretty but actually, you do not want to be in the same ring fighting her, she will show no mercy towards you, so do not let her prettiness fool you. Stay focused and aim for her weaknesses which will be exposed at our TEKKEN hack, cheats, tips and guide down below.

How to Fight?

This game has always been known for its high technique values, which means that it will be giving you the freedom to show off your skills and try new combos, no matter what happens in the ring, you are still having the chance to turn the tables upside down with a single smart move. Some people might find this is a very complicated system but in fact we love it, and the fans of the game already knew it previously. But do not worry, since after reading our review, you will end up by learning new techniques and tactics, understanding exactly how to perform at the combats.

First thing you should be knowing is the game is best played with both hands, that is the optimal set up before jumping deeper into anything else.

Movement is very simple, swipe left to move to the left side, swipe right and you will move to the right direction, this is depending totally on the battle situation, either you want to take a defensive step or an aggressive one. You have that to decide for yourself, but as you can see it is very simple and could be possibly easily achieved with both hands on the screen.




Learn The Basics.

Before we get deep with the advanced combos and techniques, we would love to show you the basic attacks first, they are simply performed by tapping on the right side of the screen, tap anywhere and your character shall follow your orders instantly and start dealing damage to enemy. Tap reputedly for faster combos, this is actually a very basic combo and nothing is special about, but still it would do the job for a beginner.

Moving right to the heavy attacks, heavy attacks that guard break are performed by holding on the right hand side of the screen, as you can read the name, it is called heavy attack for the time it takes until the character charges up the action, and also the damage that you will be dealing to your enemy, but the main downside of the heavy attack is that it will leave you an easy target for your enemy. Charging up a hit will not always work your way, that is why knowing exactly when to do this movement is such an art that requires some skills from you. This experience will be gained as the time passes by, so do not worry.

Advanced Tips for Advanced Players.

Sometimes the battle will not go your way, and your opponent will simply overtake every part of the battle and get you trapped in the corner, that is exactly when you have to know that your guarding option is best solution to the current state, hold on the left side as your character will move into the defensive state and try to block most of the incoming attacks. Of course some of them will find their way to your body but it will not be as serve as the normal state.

So I guess by reaching this part of our review, you will become aware of the game basics added some advanced techniques to keep you moving further on, but to accomplish everything and become one of the greatest, you will need more than that, and that is something we are aware of. That is why using our TEKKEN hack, cheats, tips and guide will simply serve this purpose so far.

Final words, the game is a perfect for the ones whom are familiar with the previous Tekken series, and it would be a big challenge for the ones whom are experiencing it for the first. But still there will be a very detailed tutorial at the start to show you how to perform and let you become aware of the available features inside, this is a very smart game for smart players, so everything is simply possible there, that is coming back to the great team behind it, this is totally worth it.


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