an open world pirating RPG game that was introduced to the mobile gaming world lately, enter a journey of becoming one of the most feared pirate all over the globe, steal traders on the seas invade castle and even get into melee combats with outstanding graphics engine to support everything on here, equip yourself with the Tempest cheats to be able to upgrade and improve your ship and even your main character and the crew.

the game will be avilible on May 2017 and you can simply start downloading it on your IOS or android devices for free.

A Journey in The Open Sea.

enter the open sea with your ship loaded with the desired crew and search for ships to take down and steal their resources, the game has many playable modes and extra features to enjoy so far right here in the Tempest guide we will be giving every detail about each mode and explain furthermore the game depth fields.

At the moment we will be talking about the modes briefly and later we going into deep details, the first enjoyable mode is the Single player campaign, as it will take you into a storyline with enjoyable missions and stages to follow up and if you are bored from playing alone, you could be entering the co-op mode and play the missions with some of your friends and complete the same exact mission together but each one will be having a certain objective to accomplish, of course the game difficulty will increase as you are two guys playing the same mission so it will not be the same as you playing it is by playing it on your own, do not forget that the Tempest cheats will be allowing you to have the required resoruces so you re simply having the upper hand over any hard challenge.

Amazing Multiplayer Modes.

the multiplayer mode of course requires you to have a strong internet connection but once the internet service is available you will be enjoying the stable servers as they will be granting you smooth experience, now let’s get into the gameplay of the multiplayer, remember that it is mainly based on the player versus player combats so you are simply getting matched against another pirate from different place in the world in an open sea battle, this is very challenging and competitive mode that we personally prefer to spend our time playing this mode since it teaches you new techniques and challenges as the player intelligence is much higher of course than the AI.

Gameplay in Depth.

Here is the gameplay and some Tempest tips to avoid the major problems that most of the players are falling into, once you sail with your ship, you will be encountering some ships which are going to be your new preys, move to the side of the ship you desire to attack as your strong cannons are mainly located on the side ways, and yes you got canons as well on the front side of your own ship but they are not as strong as the ones on the sides.

Increase Your Total Resources by Using Tempest Hack.

Pay attention to the indicator that is highlighted and lets you know when you are able to shoot exactly and how far or close they are from your firing range.

upgrade your cannons with the resoruces you are receiving after completing each missions successfully or winning a battle in the online combats as well, but the fastest ways to increase your own income is by getting Tempest hack for free.

Fire The Death Wishes from Your Cannons.

After each time you will be firing out with your cannons, you will have to be waiting for the reload time, this is a something you should never forget because if you ever done a mistake against a strong opponent he will hit be hitting you back and disabling something of your ship, it could be the sails or the cannons.


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