If you were looking for a game that will deliver the real parkour experience that you have failed to see in the real life, then this one is the right choice and will simply deliver the exact enjoyment with tons of moves and techniques to be followed. The Tetrun Parkour Maniacheats as well will boost up your fun levels and will unlock the full features and help you whilst playing with your friends.

Tetrun Parkour Mania was created and published by “Cableek Games” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

We can call the graphics quality of the game below average, you will not notice anything extraordinary or something you cannot run on your device smoothly if you are even using a mid-range device. The major problem is the ads and the locked features and you can overcome it with the Tetrun Parkour Mania hack right away!

Main gameplay.

Our Tetrun Parkour Mania guide will cover the main parts of the game, and we could not find anything better than the game controls so far. Swipe on the right direction to run and swipe once more to accelerate the speed and reach new speeds. In addition, if you are about to face a block that is too high and will stop you from going forward, and then changing your direction is such an important move.

Swipe into the opposite direction to the change you are running direction as well and that is something the game is built upon. We are done with the main basics and on the next segment, there will be much more advanced techniques.

How to Survive?

The challenge is not only about changing your running directions; there are several obstacles and problems that will work on taking you down so fast. Watch the falling block and tap on the screen to stop running and avoid them.

I guess that you are totally lost and cannot imagine how the gameplay is looking from inside and trying to build something so shallow on the surface. The Tetrun Parkour Mania tips will keep you up with the hidden secrets and paths, which will save you tons of time and effort.



Learn New Moves Everyday…

Swipe upwards to climb the blocks and use the same gesture to climb in run… or to jump over the gaps do not worry much about the small obstacles as your character will simply skip it automatically and it will not affect your gameplay at all.

Swiping with different gestures will result in a unique move your character will be executing on the surface of the field. These are the main concepts of the gameplay and by reaching this point; we will be heading directly to the advanced section.

Compete With Your Friends!

Running for long distances should become your main target and breaking down the records of yourself and even your friends will become the thing that you are going to do usually. The easiest way and the most effective one is to use the Tetrun Parkour Mania cheats to start once more from the point you have collapsed without any limitation. Using this feature will kill the fun part of the game and make it look so easy without a challenge to achieve. However, this will also will take you to the glory board, as you have no limits of resurrecting your character.

Make Everything Available.

At the end of the turn, you can see a report window full of the details that you are looking for. The trick score, floor number and the playing time that you have elapsed so far. Running for longer meters will reward you with a number of coins and trick bonuses will increase the income in general.

We do believe that the Tetrun Parkour Mania hack will not leave you in need for watching any type of ads to increase the coins numbers.

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