Your dream to become a money tycoon has finally become achievable, download the game and start increasing your city financial situation, by tapping and raising pigs, which could be used to increase the income through several ways, learn more about the gameplay by using and reading our Tiny Pig hack, cheats, tips and guide for free.

Tiny Pig was created and published by “Mindstorm Studios” company and it is available on Android and IOS Stores.

Gameplay With Extra Instructions.

Let’s skip all the introductions and head directly into the gameplay, and this is what you will be receiving right here at the current moment.

Begin the first mission by tapping on the screen in order to clone pigs, but as they are silly pigs and running around recklessly so we have to find an optimal way to Shepard them. Getting the right dog is the perfect solution for this situation so do not hesitate with it. Remember that pigs shed meat for delicious SAUSAGE, and sausage goes for shipping. Shipping sausages will make money in return, and by this point I guess you are aware of how the system is working over here.

Keep making pigs by tapping on the different parts of the screen, create as many as possible, so you would increase your income of money by shipping out the sausage. Right now I guess you are aware of the basic idea of the game and ready to go down there on your own, later on here we will be illustrating some new features which could become important for the advanced players.

Receive Daily Rewards To Keep You Moving Forward.

Receive your daily gift every 24 hours’ mark, just make sure that you are opening the game daily, as the reward will increase every day.

Now, let’s move to the important factors of the game, remember that your cloning pods have their own needs, and you must fulfill them in order to make them feel satisfied as much as possible and give you the greatest production possible. So right at the starting stage the first problem we have been facing is the shortage of the juice, keep reading to know how to overcome it easily.



General Tips.

Normally, the juice would be simply recharging on its own, but right here in this current case we will recharge them instantly. Make sure you are checking on the farm facilities from time to time, in order to ensure that you are having everything set at a place.

The maximum capacity of pigs is actually shown at the bars over there, so you should be always planning to increase your investment and bring new challenge into the scene and this could be done by simply expanding the working facility, right here you will learn the fastest ways to earn enough funds to supply the new project of yours.

Upgrading The Farm Is Such A Necessary Move.

Build more pig houses in order to increase your production abilities, there is no shame in spending all your income of money in order to increase the abilities of your place.

And since the production is increasing, then the pig houses are not the only thing that requires from you an upgrade. Actually you have to improve the shipping process and also doing some new researches would become a strong option.

Speaking more about the researches.

There are two types of the researches, the regular and the premium ones. Once you put your hands over the Tiny Pig hack, cheats, tips and guide. Then you will be able to take a look over the premium section and start doing the necessary upgrades over there.

Always keep an eye over the check-list, as it will be telling you exactly what are you supposed to accomplish in order to advance from one level to another. And as you advance in levels, the game will be stepping up the challenge as well, as new features and opportunities to expand the farm will appear right in front of you.


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