Your mission to provide all the car services at your station and make it one of the most famous stations worldwide, make sure you are fast enough that you can serve as many customers as possible and make them happy to return back to your stations which would increase your customers fan base at the game, also use the coins and diamonds you will be getting from completing the missions and using the Tiny Station 2 cheats as well to upgrade the station and add much more services to it.

The game was created and developed by “DROIDHEN LIMITED” company and you can download it for free either on Android or IOS devices.

Summary About the Different Game Missions.

Hi, Boss! Welcome to my station! It provides various car services and now let’s start to get into the game and explore the station and its services which are being provided to the customers read the full version of the Tiny Station 2 guide in order to understand it fully.

Each time you will be vesting the station you will be receiving your daily mission and the day 1 mission is to earn 200 coins, we shall be jumping later at the article into the Game UI and some controlling details in order to help our readers know what they are getting themselves into.


The gameplay is different as you need to be always alerted and paying close attention to every car getting into the station and know what are its needs , so look closer at the icon that shall be appearing at the top of the car and according to its needs start dragging the car onto the facility to give the customer the service that he was coming for the first place, you can be finding also some many other Tiny Station 2 tips that could be helpful to improve and expand the future of your station.

If you are late at delivering the service to the customers, they will start getting angry and giving your station a bad rating which would lead to a loss of the incoming customer numbers and huge decrease of the resources.

Once the car finishes a service at a certain facility it could be needing another service so keep tracking up with it so you would be finishing him up much faster in less time, and another thing you should be keeping your eyes on is the upgrading and adding extra facilities, and this can only happen by spending decent number of diamonds and the diamonds are obtainable via completing achievements and big tasks or using the Tiny Station 2 cheats for free, and we actually thing that the cheats are much faster way of getting them diamonds and add them to your current stock.

Increase Your Skills to Adapt TO The Given Mission Deadline.

As the time passes you will be moving from day to another and the target that you are supposed to reach will be increasing by certain amount of coins, so prepare yourself to work much harder next time and achieve your goals in the given amount of time.

Also something you should never be ignoring that you need to be prepared for the events that will just happen out of nowhere so you need to be participating in all of them to show off your station abilities and powers and also increase your income by big number.

Get The Tiny Station 2 Hack to Expand and Upgrade Your Own Station for Free!

After all you will never be going anywhere unless you upgrade your current staff members to improve their facility service and such a thing will be costing you a lot of gold, almost your entire time saving at the game, so you can be doing it in both ways the hard way and the easy way.

The hard way is by completing missions and unlocking achievements you will be able to afford to apply this upgrade and the easy way is by using the Tiny Station 2 hack and everything will happen instantly.


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