Very interesting MMO game that is bringing to you a new experience on the mobiles platforms. Enjoy the freedom of customizing your own hero with every smallest detail. But here are the main key features about the game that we have noticed them. The ideal real-time system combined with the outstanding storyline missions. And we are pretty sure, you will be enjoying the game to is maximum potential with the Tome of the Sun – Fantasy MMO cheats service.

Tome of the Sun – Fantasy MMO was created and published by the giant gaming company “NetEase Games” and they have released it through the Android and IOS stores for free.

Quick Note: there are no special requirements needed to run the game, we usually mention the games which are running only on a specific platform or devices. But thanks to the developers for making this game compatible with everything for larger community.

Create Your Character by Choosing from Four Different Classes.

We are going with the first part of the game which is the character creation. And this is going take one or two segments to fully cover it up at our Tome of the Sun – Fantasy MMO guide version.

At the start, you should know that there are four different class available to choose from. Each one of them is having its own special abilities, but there are main cons as well hidden. And it is our mission to expose them and help our readers to pick the perfect hero to start with and dodge the faulty ones.

Your Favorite Knight Class is Available in there.

We will skip all the unnecessary introductions and begin directly with the first class we got here which is the:
Knight: Stalwart protectors of the realm, knights swear an oath to defend the weak and defenseless. They have very strange attributes if you ask me. We are speaking about a very high defense, and physical damage. But when it comes to magical effects, the knights are very weak or we may say that it doesn’t exist. Of course following our Tome of the Sun – Fantasy MMO tips could improve the character attributes, but it will take time.



Keep Your Distance to Stay Alive.

Second class is the Ranger: swift as the wind and silent as shadows, Rangers are unrivalled sharpshooters. And that is really clear by looking at the class attributes.

Very high physical damage, medium defense, and very low magical. But when it comes to the control and accuracy rating, no one actually can compete with them. We do believe that using the Tome of the Sun – Fantasy MMO cheats with the rangers could lead to something unstoppable.

Try to avoid any melee combat and keep the distance from your foes to survive for longer periods with the Ranger.

The All Rounder Class.

Duelists are the warriors of sheer will and focus. Duelists bring a steady hand and a sharp blade to the fight. they are actually a hybrid version of the knights due to their decently low defense and very high speed as well on the other hand.

This is our favorite class, this is considered to be the master of nothing but with the Tome of the Sun – Fantasy MMO hack, it will become unstoppable in a matter of few hours of the playtime or maybe even less. And on the next segment, we will be speaking about the last class available in the game.

When to Pick the Mage?

This question has been trending for a long time now, so we have decided to speak more in depth about this class and let the users know the pros and cons of it.

They are raining deviation from afar. Mages control the battlefield with fire, ice and lightening. So they are ready to unleash their wrath over the enemies. very low physical defense and attack, it is something that doesn’t exist. The defense is very low as well and that is because of the very high attacking damage. You may purchase the latest gears with the help of Tome of the Sun – Fantasy MMO hack and totally free.

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