Toon Blast was created and published by “Peak” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

An outstanding puzzle game with tons of features and endless fun. You are given an opportunity to dive through various challenges combined with Toon Blast Hack to unlock all the remaining episodes and enjoy it to the maximum.

Here is a quick list with all of the key features:

  • Multiple episodes with different and unique challenges
  • Outstanding boosters to make your gameplay experience joyful
  • Brainstorming is a must to pass certain levels
  • Difficulty levels will accelerate with a steady pace
  • Toon Blast Hack will be always there to back you up throughout different challenges

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Get Started

As you start reading our Toon Blast review, you will realize that we have covered the most important features inside and it’s ready to be delivered right into your hands.

You must follow these steps at the very beginning of the game:

  • Agree to the terms of service and privacy policy
  • Having a stable internet connection to enjoy various features inside
  • It does not require certain specifications due to its low requirements
  • Activating Toon Blast Hack at beginning to have a boosted start

Now, your game will run and it would be our turn to teach you as a beginner how gameplay works.

  • Tap 2 or more same colored cubes to collect them
  • Collect the remaining cubes until the goal is complete
  • The cubes must be close to each other and it can have any shape
  • The bigger the cubes you are picking will reward you with bigger rewards
  • Moves counter on top right corner will countdown for each step

Note: completing levels will reward you with experience points and coins. They both will benefit your journey in long and short term plans.

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By reaching this point, you should be aware of the gameplay basics and ready to learn more about advanced instructions.

Matching up cubes now should not be done randomly and you have to keep a certain strategies and plans to follow. We can help you in this regard by providing the greatest ideas to complete challenges in lowest amount of moves

  • Always aim on your target shown on the box at the top side of screen
  • Your moves should be consumed with caution
  • Always try to match the biggest amount of cubes together with one move
  • Remaining moves will work automatically after you complete the mission and reward you with big rewards
  • Toon Blast Hack to cover up boosting purchases

First item we have received as a power-up was the rocket and once you tap over it a complete row will get destroyed and rewards will move into your stash.

Rating system in each mission will be indicated via three stars system. It is recommended to keep completing missions with three stars at beginning as things will get complicated as you proceed further on.

Note: collecting 20 stars will unlock a star chest.

Star chests goals will increase as you progress. However, 20 stars will be enough to unlock first box but the next one will require 40 stars and so on…



Shape Your Own Experience

Taking a look over the settings menu is a must thing to do in every game you playing for first time. We will take you through a quick tour to explain the right optimizations for our readers.

  • Enable or disable music and SFX
  • Communicate with other players via chat feature, which can be disabled
  • Change your account name at any time
  • Make sure your name is short and unique as possible
  • Activating Toon Blast Cheats to enjoy tons of power-ups for free

Connecting your Facebook account will turn up a lot of benefits to your game.

  • You will be given a complete access to your game progression data on any device at any time.
  • A complete protection against any chances to lose your data
  • Inviting your friends and sharing your progression throughout the social media

We are recommending you strongly to link up your Facebook account with all of your games. However, it will not conflict up with Toon Blast Hack services.

Teams is another feature will get unlocked as soon as you reach level 20. You are given complete freedom to join or create a team and the rewards will be sent to you right away.

  • Free lives
  • Free Coins
  • Chat with team players

Those were the main benefits you are getting after activating the teams feature. We will cover up the remaining features on next segments…

Activate Toon Blast Cheats And Purchase Whatever Bundle You Desire For Free!

In-game shop is a little bit different and it has a lot of boosters but cannot be purchased with in-game currencies. You have to spend up real money in order to obtain any of the available bundles.

You can always skip out these bundles and focus mainly on gold coins. Of course these coins can be obtained by following our instructions:

  • Win games with three stars reward
  • Complete challenges with minimum moves
  • Climb up the leading board ladder
  • Complete achievements and live the challenge
  • Advancing up in levels and unlock Toon chest every 10 levels
  • Activating Toon Blast Cheats for an instant result

Bombs can be created by matching up 7 cubes at once. Tapping over a bomb at the right moment will result in restoring the entire 6×6 cubes surrounding it.

You can predict the upcoming power up by looking closely at cubes. Power ups will be crafted with their icon on any combination of cubes to make your experience smoother.

Tap over 9 cubes to create DISCO BALL! It will collect up all cubes of its original color on the scene. We are considering this to be one of the most lethal power ups in the game so far…

How To Create Massive Explosive Waves?

You are given complete freedom to collect any cube shown, but we are advising you to do this only at the scenario or getting a power-up, otherwise you should stay concentrated on your goal in order to minimize the amount of moves consumed.

  • Connecting two power-ups together will lead to a massive explosion. They have to be close to each other in order to create this explosive wave.

Power-ups are created by merging a certain number of cubes together, but you are the one whom is indicating its original location. Do this by tapping on the cube you want to transform it into a power-up.

If you ever fail to complete a given task with the given number of moves, then it will result in a failure and one life will be consumed.

Lives are generated after a certain period of time or can purchased from in-game shop.

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