A game that will be taking you into a new whole adventure between three wide worlds. Choose to raise an army from the Undead, Robots and even the Medieval soldiers. They are trying to combine and mix out many experiences together in a single game.

Fight your way up to become one of the greatest warlords ever managed to find their way to this world. using the Tower Conquest cheats is such a must thing to do to reach this goal. The gems are very rare inside and the cheats will get the mission done for you and totally for free.

Tower Conquest was created and published globally by “Tango” company and it is well known for its tower defense games. The game has become available to be downloaded from the Android and IOS stores for free in the past few weeks.

There are no special requirements needed to get the game running. If you are using an android device, then it is recommended to have a midrange device at least to run it in a good shape. We are speaking here about an android version of 4.1 and up.

When it comes to the IOS devices, then it will require an IOS 7.0 and up. these are pretty much average requirements, so we are expecting the game to run smoothly on almost any device out there, just ensure you are following our set up settings and doing every single Tower Conquest tips we are mentioning over here.

General Instructions for Beginners.

Heading directly to the game is the greatest addition we have added to almost every new Tower Conquest guide we are creating, not practically this game, but we are actually doing this to every game we are reviewing.

At first, you need to realize there is no need to have an internet connection to the run the game. of course there are several features, you will be missing if you do not get the device connected with internet. But we are speaking here about the major parts of the gameplay are totally accessible in the offline mode.

So start your own game and tap anywhere on the screen to start the challenge. There will be a quick introduction to some small part of the storyline. As you can see few pictures of a dwarf raising the city’ alarm as the undead are in the glen. So it is the time to assemble the army and prepare the tower defenses.



The Time Has Come to Become the Greatest Warlord Ever!

This moment that you get attacked by these undead is your chance to snatch! Seeing an undead attacking you in your words has many meanings. And the main thing is that the portal to their world has been opened as well by a warlord. So you may use it to conquer their world as well.

Maybe with the Tower Conquest cheats, you will have enough soldiers and the necessary materials to have a strong army to invade the undead world. but just keep on reading to learn and more about the gameplay.

Here we begin our first battle. Keep in mind that you cannot keep playing the game forever, they have this stupid energy system that is considered to be a major obstacle to the most gamers out there. overcome this issue and receive tons of free energy points once you activate the Tower Conquest cheats service. This is going to happen instantly and without paying a single penny.

In other words, you may finally enjoy playing your favorite game without any borders and for any amount of time you want. Say good bye to the restrictions.

How to Win in There?

There is only one goal you must achieve in this game in order to be considered as a winner.

  • Destroying the enemy tower before your main tower is being destroyed.

That is the primary objective but there are still some secondary ones as well.

  • Completing the mission in a very low period, which means you did not consume a lot of resources.
  • Having your army upgraded and improved to the latest possible state, so you could take out any surprises on the battlefield. And this could see a significant improvement if you add the Tower Conquest cheats into the challenge.
  • Have a vision and the right calls, so do not send your loyal soldiers into annihilation due to your poor planning.

Now, we have illustrated the main factors of the battlefield, but we are still lacking some clear vision of how the battle looks like and that is going to become our main topic.

On the bottom right corner, you will see your mana pool. You spend mana points to summon minions and it will be refilled slowly over time. And there is also a stricter limit on the maximum points it could reach. This section will expand by time, and if you apply the right upgrades, you can see it getting refilled faster than ever, this could be done via several ways which we will be speaking about later on here. but stick with Tower Conquest hack as a temporary solution.



Choose Wisely the Units You Wish to See On the Battlefield.

Previously, we have started speaking about the fundamentals of the battlefield. But we are not done yet. Take your eyes right to the bottom bar of the screen, you will find few slots and each one will hold out a certain type of soldiers your army has. Maybe with Tower Conquest hack, you will be having unstoppable army in no time, so give it a try!

Of course, the stronger the unit the more mana points it will be consuming as well. But you need to know exactly which type of units could become suitable for the situation happening on the battlefield.

Once you make up your mind, just drag and drop them into the battlefield to summon them to protect your tower and attack the enemy as well.

You may summon the same type of soldiers, but there will be a very small amount of cool down until they become available from one to another. Maybe you can have a variety of units in your army when you use Tower Conquest hack, but that is something we are not still very sure of.

Only 2 Minutes Are Given to You to Complete the Missions.

During the battle, there are many restrictions holding you back and increasing the intense of the challenge. We are speaking about the health points of each player on the field. You have to make the enemy health points reach the zero bottom.

On the other side, you have to complete the battle within the given time frame. Keep track of it from the top side of the screen. It is almost only 2 minutes and it will start counting down once the battle begins. We are speaking here about no time to think or react, you have to execute your perfect plan into the battlefield right away.

Which means the Tower Conquest hack must be prepared for such a situation and you do not hesitate using it at any moment from now on.

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