Start right from the bottom to fight out the mysterious energy that is coming from the newly risen tower. Enjoy the enormous battles against the bosses and jump from one stage to another and evolve your powers with the Tower Fortress cheats right away.

Tower Fortress was created and released by “Nitrome” company and it is available to be downloaded on the Android and IOS devices.

The minimum requirements to run the game are pretty much low, so no worries at this part.

Get Rid of the Annoying Ads!

Before we get deeper into any part related to the gameplay, we have to remind our readers to make sure that the Tower Fortress hack is active to remove the ads entirely from the game. These ads will start popping up at random times, which is considered to be a very distracting factor from achieving your goals so far.

It will also grant you the full rights to get other powers, which we will be talking in depth in the Tower Fortress guide.

Customize The Game to Fit Your Needs.

Also enter the setting menu to take control over the main features of the game, including in this list the sounds and music switcher. And the controls UI, change it to match out your own taste and the grab on your device.

Reading our Tower Fortress guide will allow you to climb higher in the ladder of the leading board to write your name over there at the top with the high tier players. Even your friends would be surprised with the scores you are reaching and how well you are performing.



How to unlock The New Suits?

Due to the low graphics and visuals in the game, they have been working so hard to make the gameplay more interesting and addictive as much as possible.

So when you look at the game from inside, you can find the main controlling buttons. Including the movement to the right and left arrows. And of course the jumping button to go higher in the levels and shooting button to eliminate the threats preventing you from progressing towards your goal.

The main usage of the Tower Fortress hack is to provide its user with an exclusive access to all of the in game suits. You will get to learn about these suits later on.


The game is offering you way too many suits to choose from at the beginning of each challenge, but only one suit will be available for you and the others will require some extra effort from you to get them unlocked.

Maybe with some help of the Tower Fortress cheats, you will manage to get them all unlocked right away, but we are suggesting to you to take the regular path and unlock them via the storyline.

Pros and Cons of the Different Types of Suits.

Now, we will show you the main pros and cons of the different available suits in the game. Some suits will provide you with extra health points but would decrease the health drops at the same time, and it will take 50 diamonds to be unlocked.

Follow our Tower Fortress tips to save your diamonds and only spend them on the most powerful suits. Check the list below to get a better understanding of the full idea.

Solid: Start with hard boots.

Cash: The gem value will be multiplied.

Trigger Happy: unlocking cos is 1200, and will multiply your ammo. But the upgrades will see some limitations.

Recoil: Unlocking cost is 2000, Lasser attacking will remain the default but the knock back will see a huge increment.

MRS. T: T gun will become the default weapon and on the return, the Enemies HP will be multiplied.

Shotgun: Increases the enemy’s numbers, but will set the shotgun as the default weapon for the entire playing time.

By reaching this point of the review, we do believe that you are fully aware of the gameplay principles and ready to go on your own.

All our reviews and content have been tested and written by the Real Gamers forum, Here is the main post for Tower Fortress Cheats, Hack, Guide and Tips.



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