This is a strategy game, it was created and published by “ninja kiwi” the game was released on 22 Feb, 2017.


Start downloading the game to your IOS and android devices to get rid of Auroch the lord of suffering and end his life as he is invading your towers, also using the Tower Keepers cheats will provide you with a lot of gold to be used on your next battles.

Earn Great Rewards By Winning After Each Battle!

The world lies on the brink of ruin… the once mighty alliances of the keeper lords are broken, the lord of suffering, Auroch, is poised to spread his evil throughout the world, what can yu do? Your tower lies in ruins! My lord, your tower is overrun by bandits! Let’s take it back! Hey look, they have a prisoner! Thanks for rescuing me, now let’s head to the final stage of this missions, this tower is mine – you will never take it! Some skills can only reach the front row of enemies, but my zap skill can hit anyone! Tap on the bandit leader to target him, after the first stage of the tutorial you are going to be rewarded with food storage and your level will be increased from one to two.

Start Recruiting And Training Your Heroes To Be Able To Defeat The Lord Of Suffering!

Recruit and train a powerful force of heroes, this is how you are going to increase your overall power and stop the lord of suffering from invading the other lands and towers, tap on training and level up all the types of troops you got at the moment, your troops are already level one so by training them they will be upgraded to level two and become stronger, because you already strengthened their overall stats to be able to fight and defend the tower from the upcoming attacks, and with reading our Tower Keepers tips we are going to mention in here you will understand the game well.

Use The Different Skill Scrolls And Crush Your Enemies!

Let’s look at those skill scrolls you just found, now start tapping on heroes to level up your heroes skills, tap on each her you are playing with, then tap on add skill, and because the starter skills are only two skills for each hero, so now you are going to add the next skill to all of your heroes to apply them on your enemies or your other heroes to heal them and to defend them from the different attacks, add bludgeoning strike and it has specific stats like its melee type, has medium cool-down, targets single enemies, and physical damage type, and to learn the skills you will need 100 gold to be added to your heroes skills, and with reading our Tower Keepers guide you will know how to get such amount of gold every time you want to upgrade your hero.

Enter Your First Battle And Choose The Difficulty Level That Suits You!

There are more bandits in the dark woods! Now tap on campaign to begin your first fight, and before you proceed into your first stage, you will need to choose the difficulty, if you want the normal enemies with normal rewards, hard difficulty with good amount of rewards or the extreme and it’s the hardest difficulty in the game and you are going to be rewarded with great rewards after you win and defend your tower, now the fight has begun, and you will need to active the different skills you have as an example start using the soul skill, each hero has a different soul skill but they all share the same soul energy, soul skills are a key to victory, and to get enough souls you can get the help from the Tower Keepers cheats.

Obtain The Tower Keepers Hack And Unlock New Skills!

The battle is getting harder and you need to get another heroes to join your battle, so you need to more gold to do so, and with getting the extra help from the Tower Keepers hack you are going to get all the gold you need to recruit all the heroes and troops to form a good alliance together and great guilds to beat the evil lord.



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