Welcome to Township Cheats and Hack…we are about to witness one of the most innovative games in the stores at the moment. Playrix Company has managed to make a masterpiece when it comes to building your dream town. There are several features inside that will impress you including the variety of buildings and decorations. We cannot forget the importance of the fun, charismatic townspeople with commands. Game UI is very simple and it has its own unique set of features that will leave you dazzled. You must agree to the terms and conditions at the very opening scene. This town has its own unique life and noisy train that will mess up your plans. Get ready to meet your town guide as he will instruct you through various features inside.

How To Play?

First given task is to plant some wheat and here we will instruct you with the right instructions to get it done. Drag and drop the wheat seeds into the field and make sure you are moving all over the field squares. It won’t take long for the wheat to grow. In the meantime, let’s feed our cows. Cows are located in cowshed at the bottom left corner of your town. Tap over the cowshed and use the same process you have followed to plant wheats.

Drag and drop the food into the bowl for cows. Tap on the cow next and select finish button to produce milk.

Township Hack System Explained

  • Unlimited numbers of Cash and gold coins
  • Compatible with every game version and OS
  • It will complete the processes inside the game instantly
  • Say good bye to the waiting periods.
  • Advance at much faster pace in terms of game level

Harvest Time

Since you have completed your first task of planting the seeds, then you should be expecting your seeds to flourish at any time. Once this happens, then it would be necessary to gather a harvest to free up a space for new plants. However, we have mentioned on the section above the necessary instructions to achieve instant results.

General Instructions

Tap a field and move the sickle across the wheat to gather a harvest. This wheat will make for a fantastic bread, through you will need to build a bakery before that can happen.



Build Menu

This menu will contain all the necessary facilities your town needs in the meantime and future. Advance higher in level to unlock full set of buildings.


Building menu contains various sections and we will cover it later in depth, but for now you should realize the importance of Township Hack in order to cover up the cost of any construction in your town. You can purchase factories with cash or gold coins. However both are obtainable by completing missions, advancing in level and in-app store purchases.

Grand Opening

Each building you are constructing will require a confirmation from your side. You must be able to find a decent location for it and use the switcher to change its destination according to your own preference. Decorating your city is a vital part and you have to find the optimal way to get it running on the right path. Once you are set with everything, you can confirm the purchase by tapping on “Check” button. Certain buildings will take time to be completed and others would just become ready instantly. However, you must tap it to get started with the grand opening!

New Levels = New Challenges

Every completed task will reward you with experience points, therefore the experience points should help you in advancing higher in level and unlock new features and challenges. This should become your main focus at the current time and if you were already an advanced player, then you should move your concentration to rank up among the top elite players in the world.

We do believe that Township Cheats is more than enough to secure you a location among the top 10 rankings. Baking bread feature is available now by the time you have reached this point in our review.

Instructions on how Township Hack will affect your gameplay:

  • A complete access to any of the game locked features
  • Freedom to purchase any item from shop and worry no more about cost
  • Compatible with all of the operating systems either you are using IOS or Android
  • You are given complete freedom to generate any number of coins or cash you desire
  • It is completely safe and secured as it uses the Linux security system
  • Orders will be delivered to your town via helicopter, and this can be fastened up
  • Share your progression and brag about it with your friends
  • 100% safe and you can tell your friends about it

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