Like to build your own robot and use it to battle against other robots to test its power and durability? This option is now available through toy attack by “Animoca Brands” the game is defined as action game and available for both android and IOS devices, through the game you will fight against real players and every player have a robot of different powers and shapes, through the game you will be able to customize your robot’s speed, look and off course its power, and through this game you can run your creativity to make the best robot mix to get the best rewards to enhance your robot, so let’s talk about toy attack tips and how to play the game and what we can get from toy attack hack.

Make It Then Watch It.

Through the game play you will just build your robot and customize it then go and watch it through the competition, as you make the robot you will choose from hundreds of combinations and parts, and in the future as you get parts you can change the parts of your robot with stronger ones, and if you don’t like to wait you can just use toy attack cheats and get all of the parts you want for free and with no waste of time till collecting them.



Battle Others.

When you play the game you will fight against real players and against their robots, so it’s a good time to test your choices for your robot and analyze other combinations to get the best combination in the future, and as you do this through the fights you can interact with the players and through the avatar maker you will create your own avatar and see others avatar through the game, and you will get loots and rewards as you fight them and these parts will be used to make upgrades for the robot and its skills, and through the coins you will be able to get the needed parts and perform upgrades that don’t need the parts from the battles, and when you lose you will lose some parts of your robot also and you will need to repair it before you engage it again through a fight.

Collect Parts and Chips.

Collecting parts and chips in this game is very important and as you get them you will be able to upgrade your robot and make it the strongest robot in the game over the world, and as you get the chips you will be able to code and program it to design the fight style of your robot, and the more chips you will get the more styles you will be able to perform, and as you advance through the game you can get more styles and more chips that will help you to keep your robot a winner and never loses a battle or a fight, and if you like the unlimited powers, you can use toy attack cheats and enjoy the unlimited power for your robot, and also get the parts and chips needed for the robot and to get the highest power and the coolest fight styles to be programmed for your robot.

Toy Attack Hack.

When you play the game you will find that you will need to play many battles to get many parts, and also spend coins and gems to upgrade the skills and shape of your robot, but there’s always another way to get all of this for free, by using toy attack hack you will be able to get unlimited amount of coins, gems and parts needed for the upgrades, also you will be able to get the packages with no external purchases and get the perfect robot mixes for free, through this hack you will get the strongest and cutest toy robot to fight through the hardest battles and you know that it will be victorious.

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