GO for the Trail Cheats So the Stock of Gold bar and Favour Shall Never Run Out!

Join the pioneers on an amazing adventure and journey to the fortune and exploring new areas with an outstanding graphics and visuals around you, keep your eyes on the landscapes you are exploring as this is the real treasure you will be getting out of this journey.
This game has won already multiple awards for being one of the best games in the last year, also it was selected to be among the editor`s choice list. Use the Trial Cheats to be able to have enough Favour and Gold bar, and if you do not know what are those items are, then keep reading this amazing The Trail guide.

Remember that the game was created by “Kongregate” company and it is available to be downloaded on IOS or Android platforms.

Focus On Your Goal Which Is reaching The Eden falls!

Take the trail to the falls of Eden and start making your fortune into the new world, and as the game starts, you will see yourself riding a boat and going to shore, and once you get closer to the shore, you will be asked to enter name for your character which is going to represent you in this new world, also you will be able to choose from different 8 characters’ outfits.

Game Objectives.

As soon as you enter this fortune in the new world, you will be given a list filled with the objectives you need to accomplish!

  • Travel to the new world and explore new places.
  • Find a helpful guide to keep going with you all over the different places and describe the natural of the landscape around you.
  • Follow the trail to the Falls of Eden and make sure you are reaching this place in one piece.
  • Start collecting and crafting items so you could be able to use it later on the different stages of the game.
  • Trade your crafted items for much higher valuable or useful items in case you do not need them anymore.

Friendly UI.

The game controls are simple and doesn’t ask much of the experience from you to be able to play in this game, start dragging around with your finger all over the area from ride side to the left in order to direct your character and explore new things, around you. Make sure you are reading the full article to understand the most important The Trail tips to use it for your own good.

And now to start walking from one place to another, just swipe up with your fingers on the screen, and prepare yourself to meet the new guide with a red umbrella and start following her, since she will help you to reach the first river at the game and that is where you going to light up your first camp.

Get The Trail Hack So You Would Be Able to increase The Energy Factors.

If you feeling that your movement speed is low, then you can wear on a shoe and start sprinting in much higher speed which would result on you saving time and reaching one location from one to another in less time, also pay attention to the character`s stamina because you cannot keep running forever, use the Trail hack so you would be able to purchase the right items which would increase your stamina rapidly and help you to run for longer distance without getting exhausted.

Collect Items On Your Way to The Eden.

As you are on your journey to reach the Eden hill, you will get to pass by few camps on the way, remember to sit there and take a rest since the camps will help you to regenerate your energy much faster and once you think you are ready to go, then get out of this camp and move to the Eden, also do not forget to gather items around you since you can use them to get something useful in the crafting process, or use the Trail cheats so you would be more than fine with the gold bar and favour.


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