The characters of Trivia Crack have entered another and strange world and have moved toward becoming Heroes. Pick your most loved character as your symbol and contend progressively against players from everywhere throughout the world. There are many exceedingly prepared Champions up for the battle… don’t pass judgment on them by their appearance!


Put a group of your most loved Champions together. Send them to the field to decimate your rival’s Energy Shield, get the award and travel to endlessness and past. With each new achievement you will open new Champions to gather, and obviously boasting rights. Bliss accomplished!


Learning is your mystery weapon! Answer the inquiries accurately to get vitality so you can put your Champions in the field quicker. Think of your own diversion technique and play quicker than your rival, just the most brilliant will win!

Saints are made, not conceived. Hit the field with your most loved Champions and play progressively to grab the decoration. Everybody is epic… in their own specific manner.




They will get on the field and take after the guidelines of your master finger. They are the ones that were let well enough alone for each reference book and manual. There are no statues in their respect or roads named after them and they confront each other rather eccentrically. Their most loved learning strategy is dismantling things, and it works!

Discover Brenda, our enormous viking! While her kin were caught up with extending their region, she was finding that ham on toast was tasty.

Is it accurate to say that you are a football fan? Handle Tom is your person! He is the glad holder of extraordinary records, for example, “season’s best mustache”.

Prepare them to enable them to level up, they’re anxious to be better! That is the soul!


** Compete against different players progressively.

** Choose your Champions and guide them in the Stadium.

** Collect every one of them out and set up your optimal group together.

** Level them up to flawlessness.

** Win to open new Champions and access a superior League.

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