The journey will start from San Francisco and will end at the Hawaii, but something has happened unexpectedly and destroyed the ship. That is when the entire story has begun so welcome the new game and let us use the resourceful nature to become a family hero.

Very addictive game as it gives you an access to it through the offline service. The Tropic Trouble cheats as well will boost up the playing experience as a whole.

Tropic Trouble was created and published by “Qublix Games” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on android and IOS platforms.

When it comes to the graphics quality, we cannot speak a lot in this prospect as the game is pretty much low on this department and we are not enjoying it. However, the quality of the gameplay itself is right on the top of the ranking table and we have seen great features in the depth inside.

Using the Tropic Trouble hack to allow yourself to have an instant access to the full features of the game is a must thing to do.

Main Login Options and the Differences.

At the opening stage, you must realize that you have two options to play the game in and the first one is to use the Facebook option and the other one is playing as a guest.

The Facebook will give you the opportunity to keep all your data files saved in a safe spot. So securing this feature will give you the ability to have all your progressive files restored right away with a simple click on any device you are using currently. These are the main features of the logging option.

If you want to hide all your personal information and would love to keep it away from the game, then the guest login option is still available for you and feel free to choose from.

Several Amazing Features Available Inside.

One of the main interesting facts we have discovered about the game so far is the variety of languages. The game is packing up tons of languages to choose from and the English is the default one to be noticed.

Following our Tropic Trouble tips system will put you right on the spotlight of becoming someone successful in this career of the game so far.



Gameplay in Depth.

Moving now the gameplay, we will skip the storyline as it is very short and it will not affect the gameplay by any means. These are the main affecting factors of the gameplay itself. Jumping directly to the gameplay techniques now.

Swap the white feather down to make a match of three items together. The Tropic Trouble cheats will boost up your winning chances by miles that is why we are recommending you to use it.

How to Play?

The items you are matching together needs to be the same type and have the same color as well. Make another match after the first one to clear the light blue water tiles covering the fish. These are the main parts of the gameplay that you need to keep in your head whilst playing the game.

Remove the remaining light blue water tiles to catch the other fish underneath. All of these are the steps that you need to follow in order to achieve something greater and bigger with higher chances of success. Reading our Tropic Trouble guide will help you as well.

Final Verdict.

The game is very fun at the early stages but it will start to become competitive and make the life harder for you as you proceed forward. Click the play button to start the next levels as soon as you complete the current ones.

Sometimes you will need to gather certain resources to be able to play the selected levels, but that will not be a big problem for you as the Tropic Trouble hack will be always there for the rescue.

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