Have you ever dreamed big? Leaving the entire civilization behind, and move to live on an isolated island. This life has been my dream so far, and I would have loved to see glimpse of it even if it was not in the reality. This game is fulfilling my dreams and it should do the same to you if you are sharing the same thoughts with me. Get our Tropical Paradise hack, cheats, tips and guide as it will be simply covering all your expenses inside and unlocking new features for free.

Tropical Paradise was created and published by “Sparkling Society World” company and it is available to be downloaded and played freely on almost any Android or IOS platform.

Welcome to This Beautiful Island!

The game is taking place in the big ocean, as the main evets are happening in different islands. Each one is isolated and has a decent distance in-between it and other islands. So we are starting at the first island which is called “home sweet home”. And from this point, we will try to cover up the main features of the gameplay and make the game much easier and smoother for new players so far.

Your main task is to build a prosperous city, and in order to do so you have to follow our instructions carefully from now on. Let’s start by building a house, so there is room for people to live in your city. This could be a very fascinating thing and as a first move, we could not think twice about it. Choose between several houses available to be purchased and built over, and we are talking here about the cozy cubbyhole, upscale bungalow, and even the charming chateau. There will be many extra buildings becoming available as you progress from one level to another successfully.


Some houses will require certain conditions in order to be deployed successfully, you may not be aware of such a thing at the starting levels, but this is going to become such a necessary part from now on, since we are planning together to go as far as possible.

Also, you have to find a reliable source for income, since you will be in bad need for money in order to upgrade and expand your city, that is a very crucial part of the game, some cities collapse and become ashes due to the lack of improvement and expansion.



Major Points.

Jumping right into the crucial parts of the game is what we are good at, so once you start constructing your first house at the empty land, you have to make sure that the people are having an accessible road to it. So having a good planning for the roads in the city which will have almost no traffic issues and everything would become reachable is a good idea, do it if you are thinking of seeing your city to become one of the greatest cities in the world.

Satisfy The People and Build the Necessary Faculties.

Since your city is getting bigger and people are moving to it, then you must provide them with the necessary needs of life’s. Such as jobs, entertainment places, restaurants, and many other. These are not an optional thing; they are a must.

Starting with the commercial center to provide jobs and offers for the citizens is such a good idea. It could take few seconds or minutes to be fully built, just wait and do not panic. And if you want to know what is actually needed in your city, consider consulting your own city advisor at any time. This is the optimal way to improve the city from all the aspects.

Expanding your City Will Simply Increase Your income.

Sometimes, your city population will reach its maximum capacity, that is when you will realize that it is the right time to expand. Expanding will simple create more room for new citizens, and will make you more money as an income. But since you are supposed to use our Tropical Paradise hack, cheats, tips and guide, then you should worry no more about the income sources.



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