A very impressive block matching game, as you will enter through long journey of saving the queen’s restaurant and clear out all the blocks standing between the place and her, follow the given techniques to destroy these blocks as you have to be smart enough to get this mission done, otherwise you will end up trapped behind them for eternity, get help from our Tumblestone hack, cheats, tips and guide with destroying these tumblestones.

Tumblestone was created by “The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild” company and it is available on Android and IOS platforms.

Gameplay Introduction.

In tumblestone everything is different than you would be expecting it to be. Prepare yourself to experience one of the most creative and complicated puzzles ever, we are not recommending this game for new players or the players with low IQ as it will be considered as a big obstacle to them, and if you are already familiar with such games then keep reading our review to become fully aware of the changes in the game.

At first you should be aware of the different features available and to use them for your own purpose as they were implemented at the first place to provide the smoothness you would be looking for in a game.

Choose Between Several Global Languages.

The game is coming in different global languages, choose the language that you would feel comfortable with the most but since you are reading these lines right now, so we can assume that the English would be a good choice for you and this is actually the default language over there.

Also the developers are supporting the colorblind players by adding a new mode that is called colorblind, this is a very respected move by their side, so I guess this game has gotten my first five stars rating before anything else.



Receive Rewards for Completing the Given Quests.

It is recommended to follow the given path exactly without any disturbance or changing in the paths, as the first thing you should be doing is paying a visit to the quests menu to see which quests are active right at the moment, and you can also see the rewards which you are supposed to receive for completing the given quests and that is a very fascinating feature that is allowing you to understand exactly what you are supposed to do.

Choose Between New Game or Jump into The Arcade Mode.

There are two playable modes available, but we usually go with the new game at the start, and once we start to get used to the game later on, then taking a look over the arcade could become a good alternative no doubt.

What a beautiful morning, the sun is shining, introducing the queen of the pyramids, lunch plans at the best Italian restaurant. But there is a tumblestones blocking the road, soft sand beneath the queen legs, but actually seeing a tumblestone in her kingdom is such a weird thing! Keep n reading to learn more about the game storyline.

Nothing Gets Between the Queen and Her Caesar Salad!

This is when the first mission begins, you will be playing as the queen of Egypt and you have to eliminate all the tumblestones which are blocking her from reaching her restaurant, but there is a small technique to be followed in order to destroy these tumblestones, which is following the color code, so if you have decided to destroy the red tumblestones, you will not get the ability to destroy any other type of tumble stones at all unless you destroy them all red tumbletones.

And at the end of each mission there will be a very detailed report about your performance, this will always help you to know your weaknesses and work on improving it over the time, and with the Tumblestone hack, cheats, tips and guide we are pretty sure that you will be reaching levels and rating that no one has ever managed to reach in his entire lifetime.


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