Enjoy the freedom of choosing between several characters inside, each one is coming up with a certain playing style, that requires a certain skill from the users in order to get the best out of them. But for now…just do not forget to use the Union League hack, cheats, tips and guide, once you start game to get a free access to all of the game features.

Union League was created and released by “Trollgames” company and it is available to be downloaded and played freely on almost every Android or IOS platform.

Storyline and Quick Intro to The Missioning System.

Let’s jump right to your first stage at the game and ignore all the unnecessary introductions, which could result in delaying us from our main target so far.

The beginning of the journey, you were asked to go through from the goblins of the forest, when you go to the union league…but trying to do the monsters of the forest…it is difficulty for you alone. This mission is going to consume 6 stamina points. And that is how the rest of the game is going to work like. Each mission shall consume a certain amount of stamina in order to become available, right here we shall be giving you some optimal tips to keep your stamina at its highest state possible, but still you might face some troubles to recover after the battles.

The stage quest is simply the goals that you must complete in order to proceed into the next phase of the game, and each stage of them is simply connect to the stars rating system, which means that each stage will simply give you one star out of three, and for the optimal results, you have to score three out of three to receive the maximum reward.



Prepare Your Team for A Tough Challenge Coming Up Ahead.

There are several heroes in the game, and as you move forward through the game missions, they will start to getting unlocked. But right here we shall give you the optimal way to get all them heroes unlocked and become available and ready for the battle.

But first you need to read more about the types of heroes in this game, because your team must have the versatility among its lines, you do not want to get countered easily at the battlefield.

Preview Over the Available Classes.

Remember that some of the daily quests, cannot be opened when the team level is not ready, so that is something you should add to your thoughts while you are forming up the team. Now, let’s go back to the available types of heroes in the game and to understand the difference between them.

Warrior: strong in the melee battles, very solid defense, can last for longer periods in battles. Main weakness of this class are the ranged battles, slow attack speed and movement, they receive high magical damage.

Archer: very solid in the ranged battles, can deal massive damage from ranged distance and also has smart sneaking techniques which ensures it higher surviving chances. The main weakness is the close combat, they have very low defense which means that they will simply lose any close combat instantly.

Wizard: high magical damage, can deal massive damage in huge areas, so it is advised to pick it up if you are about to face group of enemies. The defense is not there, so always watch out and combine it with enough number of warriors.

Final Words.

By reaching the end of our review, we have to mention some clinical tips for the advanced players.

First, use our Union League hack, cheats, tips and guide as it will work as the main source for your funds in the game, which means that you are going to purchase the latest gears available for your heroes and unlock new ones simply for free. And we can recommend this game only for the players whom are having the ability to control more than a single unit during the battles.


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