Game is promising you to give you a very decent time travelling experience, as you will get to meet humans, werewolves, even mythical spirits. Enjoy the high quality graphics combined with the excellent gameplay experience, do not forget the importance of Unknown Heroes hack, cheats, tips and guide in order to unlock the full features of the game.

Unknown Heroes was created and released by one of the most famous gaming companies in the market “NEXON Company” and it is available to be downloaded and played freely on almost every device that is running the Android or IOS software.

Quick Intro.

At the start, you will be given the freedom to choose between three login options and they all are coming with their pros and cons. If you are interested to learn more about the difference between the login options, then feel free to jump right to the next segment. And in our case here we will go with the Facebook option and continue with explanation of the gameplay.

Remember to agree to the terms of use before proceeding on. and of course an active internet connection in order to experience the best results possible.

Right now, let’s head directly into the game play and see what Kora has got to say. A quick conversation is going between Alex the private investigator and the ancient flying squirrel spirit Korra, she is trying to wake him up since he has been going through nightmares in his sleep. She has figured that out by looking at the aura that has got all murky. That is one of the perks of having a mythical creature around you, whom is few thousand years old, and there are not many spirits in this world as old as this one.


Things at the beginning might seem to be very frustrating, as it took us few minutes into the gameplay to figure out the identity of this game. We have seen several weird creatures speaking about teams called Code B, and some werewolves, but still we will manage to know the reality at the end of the investigations of the werewolf activates in this area.



Quick Tips.

Remember that fusion increases your hero`s level at the cost of other heroes, this could be used if you are having some heroes at the stock which are totally useless, and would love to sacrifice them for the greater good.

Now let’s get into the first battle, since Valentina has been dreaming about this moment to show off her skills. You can find your special skills located right at the bottom bar of the screen, use them carefully and remember that each hero of your own got the pros and cons when it comes to battle, so it’s your role to understand them.

Login Options.

As we have proved earlier that we will be speaking more in depth about the available options for you to login to the game. So at first you should know that the three options are 1- Facebook 2-Gmail 3-guest login.

Most of the new players just use the guest login instantly and that is not a very smart move because this will result in huge decrease of your chances of keeping the game files safe. This is linking all the progress with your current device, if its changed or lost, then you are at a big trouble.

The Facebook and Gmail login options are by far the best bet you have got over there, choose any of them and you shall not regret this cloud saving service.

Final Conclusion.

Now, we are pretty sure that you are still confused whether you should download this game or not, so we will put an end to your confusion. If you are a fan of the turn based battles, and would love to use set of heroes at the combats, then this game would simply fit you, due to the high graphics and variety of heroes available. For optimal experience, we would recommend you to use our Unknown Heroes hack, cheats, tips and guide.



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