The valiant knight won’t come to save you from that tower! He is eaten by villain dragon that guards the tower, this is the story of “pomelo games” new game once upon a tower, you now have to escape that tower alone and fight all who guards it till you are free, the game comes with epic new journey and it’s defined as action game and available for both android and IOS devices, between different levels and characters you will be able to escape that tower till you are free form it, so let’s talk about once upon a tower tips before we start the game and also talk about what we will get from once upon a tower hack.

Sweet Designs.

The game designs are very sweet and colorful, also the characters of the game are well designed and that dragon who guards you very well made and with cool designs, and as you play the game and move more trying to reach the end of the tower you will find more guards and through the windows of the tower the dragon will try to catch you, and through this you will see many cool visuals and designs, the game interface is very good as there is no buttons and the commands are by just swiping the screen in the direction you want to move the character through it, the sounds of the game and its music takes you deep into the game and make you feel you are with them.



Many guards and Characters.

Through the game you will have to fight many guards to escape the tower and as you move you will collect points that will allow you to advance to next levels, and as you advance through levels you will find that there are no new towers, it is just new tasks to complete through the game play, and off course harder enemies to beat and more obstacles to run from, and as you go through the game you will find that there is many princess that want to escape from their own tower, and as you play you have to free all of them from their towers and help them get back down away from the dragon and the guards of that tower, you can unlock all of the characters by using once upon a tower cheats and get all of the characters unlocked and make all the tasks completed in just one tap.

Power up.

As you move through the game you will collect these illuminating insects that will help you when you collect the needed amount, and also as you move through the game you will find many boosts to help you through your escape, you can use once upon a tower cheats and get unlimited amount of boosts to make the character invincible against the guards and not be touched by the dragon, and also get many benefits for the game play.

Hack the Tower.

Through the game you will need all the powers to escape that tower, and for this you will need to focus and think before every movement, luckily you can use once upon a tower hack and get all of the power you want to escape this scary tower forever, through this hack you will be able to get all the needed XP to upgrade and advance through next levels, also get all of the boosts of the game, and off course unlock all of the characters.

Once upon a tower hack will disable ads for you and allow you to get all of the packages for free and with no external purchases, and it is completely safe and won’t affect your device performance or harm it in any ways.

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