Versus NEXT Fight was created and published by “Azur Interactive Games Limited” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

A Turn based fighting game, so if you are not a big fan of the turn-based games, you can skip it right now. We do believe that it will take you in a new experience, as there are 17 different characters to play with. Each one is coming with unique set of skills and animations.

The Versus NEXT Fight cheats will give you opportunity to try them all right way!

Quick Intro

At the first glance of the gameplay, you will have to choose the hero that will become your main fighter at the beginning of the journey so far. There are several heroes and each one is coming with his own pros and cons.

Getting the advanced help from the Versus NEXT Fight hack, shall improve your hero abilities and put him among the top tier fighters.

  • Hidden Blade: attack 65, 220hp 5% critical hit chance and 30% dodge chance. This hero will deal extra 5% of maximum damage when dodges an attack.
  • Agony: attack 45, hp 440, 30% critical chance and 5% dodge chance. While having 30% or less of your max HP, every hit will become critical.

Characters Overview

On the previous paragraph, we have covered the first two heroes. You can still find extra Versus NEXT Fight tips related to the remaining fighters down below.

  • Vampirism: attack 40, 300hp, 50% critical hit chance and 0% dodge chance. Successful critical hit will restore 10% from the maximum HP. Therefore, we believe this fighter is a survival.
  • Slime: 40 attack, 500hp, 10% hit critical chance, 0% dodge. You will return 25% of the received damage to opponent.
  • Blades: Successful hit inflicts bleeding. Opponent loses 7% of their maximum hp on the same turn. The attack output is low 20, 400hp, 20% critical chance and 15% of dodging chance.

We do believe that we have covered the most important heroes and you are ready now to pick the hero with the Versus NEXT Fight hack and fight your way through.




Down on the bottom of the screen, you can find your special moves. Each one will cost you mana; you will get five mana at the beginning of your turn. Tap smash to increase the attack output if you were wishing for something lethal.

You can find the mana consumption rate highlighted down below each icon. In addition, over your character, you can see your remaining mana units and how long you can go on with this attack rate.

Track down the attacking techniques of your opponent, to know exactly when to defend and enhance the armor and when to back off.

You can purchase mana potions with and the Versus NEXT Fight cheats will cover the cost of them. It will allow you to restore your mana back in no time.

How to Deal Extra Damage?

Combine one skill or two together in order to execute your combo hit. The Combos will deal massive damage but you need to make sure that you are finding the right combination of skills.

Your hit will hurt the opponent, so you need to prepare yourself for his reaction. Also, try to decrease their defense and take the chance on the next turn to eliminate him.

You might find the Versus NEXT Fight cheats a big help for your case. It will grant you a complete access to the boosters and the in-game store will become useless.

Final Conclusion

Remember that each critical hit will deal double the damage on the default mode. So targeting the critical hits could become your main technique, but we do not prefer it.

Claim your rewards at the end of each challenge. The Versus NEXT Fight hack, could work as an alternative to the game rewards.

The game is decent and smooth; there are no needs to have a high-end device to get it running.

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