Vineyard Valley Design Story was created and published by “Jam City, Inc.” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

Designing your own dream and crafting every smallest detail in it, is something everyone has been looking up to in a mobile game. Vineyard Valley Design Story was developed originally to give its players a unique experience and a very deep one, by adding the construction skills alongside the innovation.

Certain stories will require a quick visit to the in-app store, but you can overcome this solution by activating Vineyard Valley Design Story cheats!

Get Started

Meet Aunt Margaret, as she is going to become your own guide throughout the different stages of the game. Of course, reading our Vineyard Valley Design Story review should be more than enough to keep you at bay from following in-game tutorials, but you can still get the best out of both worlds.

It has been a long since you have last visited the tangled vines vineyard. The only problem you are going to being with, is that everything here is at ruins and you have to start reconstructing from the ground.

Aunt Margaret will not wait so long to take you through your first task. The challenge will begin right away and you have to be prepared for every challenge with Vineyard Valley Design Story cheats.

You will be withdrawn into a matching challenge and there is a quest shown on the left side of screen. Most of the matching games will not grant you any information about your task, you are just matching randomly and things will follow the flow.

  • On the next segment, we will talk more in depth about the gameplay experience and how you are supposed to get the maximum result out of the given tiles.

Matching System Explained

There are no complications in this matching system, but you might face some difficult challenges. If you are a user of Vineyard Valley Design Story hack, then you should be on the safe zone, only if you manage to follow our instructions.

  • First challenge is very simple, it is considered to be mainly just an introduction to the gameplay. You are supposed to tap 2 or more pieces of the same color to collect them.

Collect all of the pieces in the goal to complete the level. It is very simple at beginnings, but as you progress forward, you will be given only a very limited number of moves.

You have to be very smart and efficient with your moves. If you ever ran out of moves, then you will be considered as a failure. That is when Vineyard Valley Design Story cheats & Vineyard Valley Design Story hack come to do work.

You can always purchase extra moves, if you ever ran out of moves. Nothing should ever stop you, not even the moves counter.



How to Play?

You are not matching randomly, you will be granted a certain task and it’s shown in numbers on the left side bar.

The fun will not stop here, you will be linking up the matching experience with reality. Completing a matching level will have its own reward system. It will be consisting of coins mainly, but it will give you an option to construct items in the house.

Mr. Richard Cranky pants is a grumpy little man. He is the city inspector, whom will be tracking your work and giving a final report on how your performance was.

  • Note: Vineyard Valley Design Story Hack will not conflict with your nickname by any chance.

It would be time to create a nickname for you to be known around the yard. Here is a list of the necessary instructions to be followed.

  • Make it short as possible
  • Easily recognizable
  • Can Be found in search bar instantly

Our first task was to replace wine rack. It will reward you with one star…as you advance further, the rewards will increase and the challenge will get harder.

Boosters & Power-Ups

At the beginning of each task, there will be a quick brief about starting boosters. You are allowed to add only three boosters at the start of each challenge.

  • Fixing different parts of the house and upgrading it are going to be added to your task list automatically.

Boosters can be purchased via Vineyard Valley Design Story cheats or Vineyard Valley Design Story hack. They will help you to complete the challenges much faster and save yourself time & effort.

Quick tips:

  • Tap a group of 5 pieces to create a bottle rocket.
  • Bottle rocket to clear a whole row of pieces
  • Some boosters will clear a full line of pieces at once
  • Have a definite plan for the future

These were the main instructions to pass into the stages successfully. Creating a kitchen by fixing its broken parts and assembling them together is a very smart thing, but it will bring a new idea.

You could use this kitchen to make some money, there is no need for Vineyard Valley Design Story hack anymore.

You can start your own CATERING business. Of course, you will need a full time chef. That will take you through another task of searching for a qualified chef to handle this situation.

Upgrade Your Kitchen with Vineyard Valley Design Story Cheats Right Away!

Searching for a full time chef is not an easy task, as it is hard to find a talented and smart chef to accept your offer. So, simony is a very good option and if he is half as good as he was, you can start catering right away and finish the rest of the repairs as you go.

This will show you a very important feature inside the game, which is taking different paths as you solve puzzle challenges.

In advanced puzzle challenges, it would be a perfect move if you manage to match a group of 7 pieces together to create a barrel bomb.

  • Barrel Bomb once taped, it will clear all the surrounding pieces no matter what type they are.

At tasks menu you will be shown a completed percentage of the current chapter. It will show you how close you are from completing it.

If your aim was to go further as much as possible, throughout the challenging path. Then you should be taking a look over Vineyard Valley Design Story cheats or Vineyard Valley Design Story hack. This service should be covering all your spending and you do not have to double your effort for some extra coins.

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