This is a card game, it was created and published by “seagameb” the game was released on 23Feb, 2017.

Start downloading the game to your IOS and android devices in order to save the world rom Byakuran and to find all the ring shards that spread all over the world, and with using the Vongola Battle cheats will you be getting all the resources you need to beat Byakuran.

Protect The Vongola Ring From Byakuran And His Followers!

Tsuna came to the world in 10 years later after hit by the ten year bazooka, Tsuna happened to see he himself was killed by Byakuran, he was so scared and the killer had run away, Tsuna tracked the killer but he got lost in the street, suddenly strange picture showed up in his mind Tri Ni set the device to maintain life, Byakuran wanted to create a new world with it, Vongola ring the key of the final battle, Byakura hunt Vongola famiglia to hunt ring, Tsuna could not stand his friends getting hurt, for protecting everyone his dying will flame has ignited, finally Tsuna met his destined enemy Byakuran! The final battle is coming!

The Final Battle Between Tsuna And Byakuran And The Sad End!

You would better give up your Vongola ring, don’t even think about it, Byakuran! I will never give Vongola Ring to you, oh really? I will have to use some force then.

Byakura, I will never let you get your way, and now Byakuran will say who the hell are you? Do you think you can stop me?  And a mystic girl will reply with who knows.

And now Tsuna will tell Byakuran that, back off all of you, this guys is mine, I will never let you hurt anyone, and after a long fight and it sounds like Byakuran is winning the fight he will tell Tsuna that how about it? You would never met an opponent with such an overwhelming advantage, right? You can stop your resistance now, and finally make sure to read our Vongola Battle tips to understand how to defeat Byakuran.

Start The Journey Of Searing For The Ring Shards!

To collect ring shards, you were teleported to 10 years in the future by ten year bazooka and arrived at Namimori, it’s where the story began.

After along search from inigametm for any ring shard she will say, what a bummer! I didn’t find any ring shard despite spending a whole day at school.

You were chased by some random evil people that you don’t know about, and you knew that they were chasing your, so you are going to start your first fight against them and try to kill them, and make sure to read our Vongola Battle guide to totally understand the game before you even start it.

Recruit The Strongest Guardians In The Game To Become Stronger!

In order to become stronger you will need to get new guardians to join your long journey of searching for the ring shards and also defeating Byakuran at the end, you will need to start recruiting new heroes with their special effects and abilities to be able to heal you, give you more strength and also deal a serious damage to the enemies you are going to face along your journey, and using the Vongola Battle cheats will help your recruit more guardians to your crew.

Put Your Hands On The Vongola Battle Hack To Unlock New Features!

This is the most enjoyable part of the game that you can always play online versus different players around the world, but before that you will need to strengthen yourself first and become stronger than your starting condition to be able to fight against these players.

There is something else you need to know about and it’s that you are going to play in a lot of dungeons against different monsters and evil people that follows Byakuran, so you need to start training yourself in order to be capable of defeating Byakuran at the end, also using the Vongola Battle hack will provide you with the different resources to help you through your journey.


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