Creating your own world and shaping its strategy and targets are going to become one of your main missions. This is a tower defense game in general but when you dive deeper through its aspects, you will start to notice that the game is offering something new and unique into the table.

Keep fighting and winning countless combats to become known as the strongest king that has ever came to this world. Using the War and Order cheats will grant you an access to the full features of the game with an unlimited amount of resources.

War and Order was created and published by “Camel Games” company and it is available to be downloaded and played by Android and IOS devices.

Very high quality but you must keep in mind that the game was released 2 years ago so everything is still outdated and you will not experience any trouble running it smoothly, as far as we do believe. On the other hand, the game is offering you a very cool experience when it comes to the War and Order hack service. You can learn more in this regard later on here.

Quick Info.

The game is having a very basic and quick introduction so the War and Order guide will take you through the deepest part of the gameplay contents.

We do not have enough time to waste on teaching you the basics. So read the next segment to understand the interesting facts of the combat.


Monsters summon the city ahead. All soldiers march! You must save your friend from the monsters whom are about to blaze the village. The soldiers will engage as soon as they receive a command from you so try to be quick and specific when it comes to commands list.

Following our War and Order tips as well in constructing the kingdom would help you in saving the resoruces and focusing on the main facilities directly. That is how the great kingdoms are built. Let us stop wasting time and head directly to the kingdom.



Welcome to Your Kingdom!

From this day forward, this city is yours. Let me show you a bit about city management. To recruit soldiers for your great city. Please build some barracks. The barracks are the main facility that will start producing soldiers.

A place to train soldiers, upgrade to unlock more unit types and increase recruitment speed. Use free speed up to complete your building queue. The barracks will be notified as soon as they are ready to recruit soldiers.

Of course, recruiting the soldiers will come at a cost. Therefore, this might be a problem for any player that is when the War and Order cheats will handle the entire situation with a single click.

Small Tips to Be Considered.

There are main attributes you have to pay attention to the soldier you are about to recruit into your army. You have to notice the cost and the basic attacking and defending powers. The solution would be using the gems to speed up everything and see things getting accomplished instantly.

By using the gems continuously, you will realize that you do not have any problem for losing the soldiers in the battle as you can replace them right away. This will give you a bigger room for improvement as well.

Take Your Kingdom Into a Completely New Level!

The castle is the most important thing right now, so building and upgrading it must consume all your time and powers from this moment and onwards.

Doing this mission with the War and Order hack gems is so much easier and faster than the regular methods.

Upgrading the main castle will improve all the other parts of the gameplay. You will get the ability to unlock new type of soldiers and increase the gathering speed. In addition, this will take you into a completely new level that is full of advanced technologies.

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