The entire world is at war, and you have to command your troops and strike over other nations and dominate regions on earth, all of this is available at war planet online global conquest by gameloft, the game is available for both android and IOS device, as we say that the game is by gameloft, off course we are talking about a great game by great company with great and satisfying graphics, and we will talk about all of this and about war planet online global conquest tips, and also we will tell you about how the graphic is great and tell you about war planet online global conquest hack.

The Story.

The story of the game is about that the whole world have been driven into war and it’s been years they’re fighting each other, so you have to prepare your forces to stop them and bring the earth back from the brink.

So you have to start developing your forces and set them to attack other armies, and to build your forces you have to start collect the resources through factories of steel and oil and off course gold, so as you play you will lose them for building but the factories will get them back and when you when battles you will gather the resources of the lost troops, but if you need resources very quickly you can use war plant online global conquest cheats which will give you the maximum resources for free without any external purchases, the more you build resources buildings or win battles the more strength points you will gain.

Easy to Play.

As you start the game you will find that it’s simple to be used, as the buttons are simple and not a lot number of them and everything is categorized so it will be simple to reach everything, at the bottom of the screen you will find build, edit, position and map buttons where you will control your base buildings, and at the top of the screen there will be the resources amount and your strength.



Real World Action:

Through the game you can play with thousands of players from all around the world, fight them, and make alliances with them, you can also talk with them in the global chat room to manage the strikes together to grow your empire, also you can help each other by sending resources and troops to help each other, you can also depend on yourself by using war plant online global conquest cheats and it will give you all what you want for free.

The troops in the game depends on real troops at the real world, as tanks, vehicles, helicopters and heavy bombers, also the game map is faithfully recreated world map.

Real Strategy, Real Conquest.

The game is considered as a strategy game, and as it’s not the first time for gameloft to design a strategy game, the output was great from every side and brings a great mobile experience to your hands with many new options, you can order your commander to strike and after that you can support them, also you can forge a clan and plan the strike together and don’t depend on yourself only as war will get harder on you in the advanced levels, you can also use the war plant online global conquest hack and enjoy all the strength you want for free and without any external purchases or waiting for time.

The real conquest in the game was very good as you can fight with the ferocity of modern Vikings in real time pvp action, also you will be able to become the sultan of boom by issuing split second orders in game.

Hack for Fun.

If you have a good strategical mind, you can use the war plant online global conquest hack and get all wat you want from resources and upgrades at once and enjoy the feeling of power and test your strategy against others, it doesn’t need jailbraked or rooted device and easy to be used with many benefits.



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