Accumulate the souls of extraordinary officers and consolidate them with aptitudes to make your own particular activity experience! Flexibility in amazing activity! Amazing and refined representation! Classy activity gameplay! An unheard of level of activity RPG!

▣▣▣▣ Game elements ▣▣▣▣▣

▷ Unique Soul System:

– A new sort of engaging framework where the activity changes relying upon your different characters!

– Gather souls and range over the front line with your commanders!

▷ Team Battles

– The activity is distinctive, however you have one objective!

– Join powers with gathering individuals to demolish your adversaries!

▷ Various Real-time PvP Battles



A battle for power that you can’t retreat from!

– Arena: Real-time Cross-domain 1 versus 1

– Duel Colosseum : Real-time 1 versus 8 with worldwide players

Controls Guide.

Move around the range and furthermore manage your assaulting bearings through the joystick on the left base corner of the screen, and comfortable top side of the screen you ought to monitor the wellbeing bar and stamina in the meantime since you would prefer not to come up short on any of them as they both assume the same vital part, you will locate some imperative War and Soul tips around here.

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