The gameplay will be taking you through an experience of taking part any TV show you like or maybe even a movie from your choice. However, you will be changing the events and taking the script into a completely new story.

We have enjoyed playing the game as the events are pretty much interesting but the only downside we have encountered is knowing that most of the features are locked and would require extra fees…that is when the What’s Your Story cheats has managed to get them unlocked instantly for free.

What’s Your Story was created and published by “Ludia Inc.” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

There are no special requirements to run this game, it is very basic and only based on high quality pictures so we are expecting you to run this game smoothly, no matter which device you are using so far. The only thing you have to do is to meet the minimum android and IOS version needs. In addition, do not forget to use what’s Your Story hack to unlock the full set of features in the game.


The main stories in the game are combined of a huge variety of Shows and movies. However, you will have to get the what’s Your Story cheats into service in order to get it unlocked right away.

There will be some shows highlighted with the coming soon banner, these are under construction and will be released as soon as possible on the next game update. You can learn more about the release dates of these shows by following their Facebook page.

General Instructions.

Our What’s Your Story guide was created originally to help the new players with advancing forward through the game events. This is the main idea behind the whole situation of the game.

In addition, by following our What’s Your Story tips, you will manage to make the right decision in the hardest and toughest situations. So let us start right away our set of instructions, use the Facebook account to link it up with the game. Learn the benefits later on here.



Divergent Movie Awaits!

In our experience, we have picked up divergent movie to play in and start living the events of the hero. However, you should know a quick glimpse over the storyline of this movie.

The events are taking place in a corrupted world, where it will be badly in need for a hero that will show up and try to save it once more.

The several events and advanced features in this story will come at a cost, maybe this would be the right moment to look over your available options.

Customize Your Character Freely.

At the very start of each mission, there will be an option to customize the character itself and choosing a gender is taking part of the same process.

Change how you will look like in the movie but remember, that you are very limited too few options to choose form and not a complete freedom.

Some dresses and outfits will become available once you activate what’s Your Story hack, but that is not our main point now. We should be focusing more on the storyline of the divergent movie and the main events.

Final Verdict.

Two hundred years after a great war, Chicago stands in a wasteland. The survivors have split into five regions and each one of them was responsible to produce a certain product that will keep the humanity united and alive.

That was not meant to last for long, as the newly born kids started to be unique and divergent from the others and that is when the government decided to kill them…

The battle begins and surviving challenges will come to its peak. Enjoy playing the game and fighting for your life and remember to think carefully before every sing word that you say.

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