Live the thrill of creating your own farm, right from the scratch. And that is not the only feature or dream you will be living during playing this game. You will be also getting to challenge your friends and maybe even cooperate together in terms of exchanging goods and help. Enjoy with the full features of the game and worry no more about the cost of anything by using the Wild West New Frontier cheats for free!

Wild West New Frontier was created and published by “Social Quantum Ltd” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

Android version 4.4 and up is required to run the game, and for the IOS, you will need an IOS version 8.0 and up. These are pretty much average requirements and there is nothing special in the terms of graphics we have noticed during the playtime.

Build The Most Beautiful Farm in The Wild West!

Meet the sheriff, as he will be here to help you get the hang of things. Ad there is no better way to learn the game and have better vision over its main components, than reading our Wild West New Frontier guide.

You can learn about your achievements in your new house. Tap over the broken house in the tutorial to repair it. And now let’s move around to another building, which is the barn. Fixing and repairing the broken houses is such an important move to get the farm starting.

All of these are just the basic starting kits, once you become fully aware of these parts. You would be ready to roll over to the next phase of the game and create your own legacy. The barn is usually used to store the goods, and the Wild West New Frontier cheats would be flooding out your barn with goods and that is a very interesting feature you should put into consideration.

Now with the last building at the tutorial, the granary. The granary is used to store the crops you harvest from the farm.



Gameplay + Advanced Instructions.

The corn is ripe. Tap a plot and a sickle will appear, drag it to hardest the crops from the field. And now you will need to sow some new seeds. Tap an empty plot and you will sell the plants that can be planted. Select the corn. Hold and drag it across all the empty plots. The seeds have been planted successfully once you follow these instructions and with the additional help from Wild West New Frontier tips.

It takes time for the plants to mature up, so you must be patient or increase the growing speed instantly with the Wild West New Frontier cheats service. It will allow you to use this feature.

When the harvest matures, you will get 2 plants from each plot at the beginning, but all of these numbers will see huge boosting later on. But now let’s move into more crucial step on this phase.

The farm needs more than just fruits and vegetables. Breed some cows to start producing milk. Milk can be sold or used to make cream, butter and cheese. Tap the store and it will open on the animal’s section. Buy 3 cows for your farm at the start. And to afford purchasing these cows, you might want to look at the Wild West New Frontier cheats.

Say Good Bye to The Waiting Periods!

Everything here is following the drag and drop option. But that is not a big deal, lets cover more the cows part and let you know how they actually work.

Cows need to be well fed to produce milk. Feed yours now tap on one of the cows and you will see some feeding options. Drag the food to the cows to feed them directly. This whole process can be done manually.

Speed up your cow’s production by tapping over them and selecting the speed up feature. You may afford activating this feature continuously, if you have gotten your hands over the Wild West New Frontier hack only. And that is the only way since it is expensive.

Your cows are ready to be milked after the time passes. Use the bucket to collect it. Drag the bucket across all of the animals and you will be done in no time. Completing the missions will help you to unlock new items and features of the game. And also that is coming back to gaining experience points and advancing up in level.



Customize Your Buildings Working System.

You still have a lot of work ahead of you. We need to churn the milk to make cream, but we cannot do that without a dairy. Open the store select the production buildings section and drag the dairy onto your farm. And cover the constructing cost with Wild West New Frontier hack. And that is not the only thing that the service can do for you. You may also speed up the entire process by tapping on the building and selecting the speed up button.

And now, you can see the dairy, it makes cream, butter and cheese. Tap it to complete the construction once it reaches its finalizing stages and claim out the experience points and rewards.

Tap the buildings to customize them out from inside, and to make this much simpler. We would help you with the first building. Tap on the dairy building and select the process you would love to get the workers do for you. Once you are done, collect the accomplished business by tapping over it.

Well-fed animals are more productive. Build a millstone to make animal feed better and stay always in a good health. Your main goal after all is to get the maximum production rate possible.

Advance in level to Unlock New Features!

You can track your main level from the top bar, and it will show you how close are you getting from achieving the new level in the game. There are several ways to advance in level easily, and with the Wild West New Frontier hack, we are pretty sure that you will be flying in the level without any restriction.

With each new level, you will unlock more opportunities for the entire farm. So this should be something you would never ignore.

Do not let the chance of expanding your farming plots go to waste. Once you see the ability to construct more plots available, head directly to the store and get them ready. The same should be applied to the way you will be treating your visitors with.

Tap on your visitor to figure out his/her needs. They will usually be asking for a trade, but you can always stall them out until you make up your mind and see if this trade is going to profit you or not.

Check the order’s board frequently to know the needs of the people living around you. Send the wagon with the order and wait for the payment to arrive back. It may not be so concerning due to the Wild West New Frontier hack powers and how it be flooding your bank with coins. But it is still a part of the game.

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