It’s time to try “zynga” newest games the wizard of OZ magic match, the game is defined as puzzle game and it’s available on both android and IOS devices, the game is composed from the movie wizard of OZ, where you have play three moves puzzle to unlock new levels and never seen before scenes, there will be very fun moments and movies through the game, and cool items and rewards for winning the challenges, so let’s don’t waste more time and talk about wizard of OZ magic match tips and know what we will get from wizard of OZ magic match hack.

Easy Play, Lot of Fun.

The game tips are so simple as the main thing to do through the game is matching three pieces or more of one kind together until you finish the puzzle or get the wanted items from the puzzle, as you do this simple matches the greater pieces you match will give you boosts that will remove more pieces from the puzzle, so you have to focus to get the tallest match, as you finish levels you will explore new parts of emerald city and know about its secrets, you can get assistance from the character of the movie by dropping their medallions to the bottom of the board and they will appear ad provide assistance to you, but be careful as these medallions are limited and not always available, but you make them always available by using wizard of OZ magic match cheats as it will give you unlimited amount of medallions and power ups to assist you through the game play.

Adventures Through Magical World.

As you play the game you will get through many adventure in the magical world from Kansas to emerald city, like munchkin land, the haunted forest and more magical places, and as you play them you will get cool rewards and items, and also unlock cards and scenes from the movie, also you will discover new characters as you unlock new regions and cities.



Battle the Wicked Witch.

As you play you will have to battle the wicked witch till you reach the wizard of OZ, and as you battle the wicked witch you have to be fast in solving the puzzle to win the battle against it, and the taller match you make, the faster you will defeat the wicked witch, and the fantasy will come to life through this turn based matching combat, you can use wizard of OZ magic match cheats and get what you need to defeat the wicked witch and get all the characters and power ups in unlimited number to reach the wizard of OZ faster.

Rewards and Collections.

As you play the game you will play challenges and events that you will get rewards for them, the main one is the daily challenge and daily rewards and you will get bonuses as you collect them daily, there’s also happy hour events that you will get cool prizes and discounts for items and packages, and through the weekly challenges you will get bigger and more valuable rewards.

Through the game you will collect many cards and unlock brand new scenes from the classical movie and brand new moments for the characters, and as you unlock all of them you will get interesting mini movie and side story from the main movie that will add new events and fun moments.

Magic Hack.

As you play the game you will need to focus and don’t waste your power ups and medallions as you will need them through the harder levels of the game as you advance through it, but you can use wizard of OZ magic match hack and get all of the power ups, medallions and items for free, and also get all of the packages for free and with no external purchases, wizard of OZ magic match is safe and won’t affect your deice performance through the game and will add a lot of fun during the game play.

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