Wonder Park Magic Rides was created and published by “PIXOWL INC” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on the Android and IOS platforms.

Your chance to create the park of your dreams has finally came to life; you are being held the responsibility of creating your own park right from scratch.

The game is offering several detailed features and you will be diving through awesome experience. Starting from satisfying the visitors at the welcome gate and ending up at selling them products and taking care of the financial part.

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The main downsides in the game is the waiting period and high cost of upgrades. Therefore, the Wonder Park Magic Rides hack will be there for you to provide you with the free gems and coins.

Get Started

Hello, meet June she is going to be your instructor in this journey. You must be new as you are reading the first introduction letters at our Wonder Park Magic Rides review…

Let’s start with the basics: every park needs a happy, bright entrance to welcome the visitors at the first place, so that is what we are going to start with. The current gate is terribly built and not looking good at all, but this is going to become your first mission so far…

Repairing or replacing the current gate well require a lot of resources, so the Wonder Park Magic Rides cheats should be ready to cover up the expenses in this case.

  • Every given task will show you reward you should be expecting to receive, but there will be also an indicator of how long will the task take to be finished.
  • Speed up the process by spending gems, they are expensive, as you will have only a few number of gems from the gameplay itself.
  • Looking to get more gems? Then the in game store would be the right place if you were planning to invest real money into the game, otherwise the Wonder Park Magic Rides hack should always be an option.



Create the Park Of Dreams

Following our instructions will put you on the right path of success, of course, it is going to take time to get the full park ready to function properly, but with the instructions and the Wonder Park Magic Rides cheats, we do believe you will be able to achieve it easily.

Another way to make the visitors feel welcome is having a welcome bear to greet them!

You would think that bears are too large and intimidating to give a proper welcome…but I happen to know one who is perfect for the job!

This could be done by visiting the gallery and picking the boomer’s tent. You can unlock the new tent by reaching level 3.

Click on the book located on the bottom left corner to enter the missions list and claim your rewards for each completed list.

If you ever felt like that, the rewards from completing the quests are not enough for you, and then you may give the Wonder Park Magic Rides hack a run.

You can also assign roles to your newly deployed bear, and as you advance forward in the game, there will be new moves and welcoming gestures.

Expand Your Park & Dreams Via The Wonder Park Magic Rides Cheats!

There are several new features will get unlocked as soon as you advance up in level. You can take a look on the level up badge and study the new items carefully.

Now that you have the basics down, we should focus on what every successful park needs—Candy!

To keep a steady supply of sweets, let’s build a candy stand. Skip the construction period using the Wonder Park Magic Rides hack right away!

  • The candy stand gives out candy regularly, so we do not have to worry about running low! In addition, if you are in a hurry to get more, you can speed up time itself! Strange, huh?
  • You might notice a blue piece of paper, floating in the air. This is the blue print; you can help the main character catching it by pressing on start button.

The blue prints will provide aid when it comes to upgrade certain facilities or unlock new ones. Upgrading will cost a lot that would only take us back to the Wonder Park Magic Rides cheats to afford upgrading it.



You Are The Park Creator!

The marketplace will help you to sell your products, for example, the candy being produced will only be sold at the market place. Therefore, it is a decent source of income to the park.

Here are the main three instructions for the marketplace:

  • Collect items while you play frequently.
  • Visit the market place at any time, there are no working hours
  • Sell your items and earn coins to upgrade the park
  • You can get coins and gems as well through the Wonder Park Magic Rides hack

It is time to place your first attraction, and your park will be open for business and welcome real customers.

Ferris wheel looks amazing—it will bright visitors to the park. I bet they have their own ideas for the park, so you should pay attention to their requests. Do not forget to put your heart into it. You are the wonder in wonderland!

By reaching this point, you would simply complete the story “Open for business II”. The rewards are 25 coins, 5 gems and 50 experience points.

Quick Reminder: The coins and gems could be obtained freely through Wonder Park Magic Rides cheats.

Discover the mysteries that lie beneath the darkness.

Here are the main three actions you can apply in your park:

  • The explanation mark: complete quests to unlock characters and stories
  • Collect, cook and sell items to earn coins through the facilities
  • Expand your park, make it wonderful! By tapping on the circular icon

Building a movie billboard will increase the reputation and fan base of the park rapidly. Therefore, this is a very interesting method to expand and help the park to get bigger and bigger. The Wonder Park Magic Rides cheats will be always there to help you out in this regard.

If you are about to unlock new buildings and you do not have enough resources to get it done, then you can use gems as a replacement.

You can also tap on the missing item and there will be a heighted instruction on how to obtain it. Upgrading your facilities to produce more products at faster rate or even to welcome in a bigger number of visitors is necessary do thing.

You can always customize your gameplay experience by entering the settings menu from the top right corner. Changing the language, music, sound levels or even contact the support team to report a glitch or a refund issue.

Connecting your social media account with the game will provide you with the ultimate cloud saving feature. This means, you can access all your progression files from any other device at any time.

Sharing the achievements on your social media with your friends to brag about it is something the game is offering to you.

Check frequently on the leaderboard to see how the Wonder Park Magic Rides hack is helping you to stand on the top of this leading board.

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